My Happiness non-negotiables list…

My Happiness non-negotiables list…

I was tagged by Donna over at What the Redhead said to share my happiness non-negotiable list. The things that I refuse to negotiate on, things that if they weren’t in my life, my happiness would be affected…

This got me thinking about what happiness really means and what really does make me happy. It goes without saying that my girls and husband make me happy, but its more than that.

So, here is my list…


I have always loved to read, from an early age you would often find me buried in a book, staying up far too late eager to find out the ending. Whenever I went on holiday, I would get excited about choosing which five books I would take with me to read. I would always finish them before the holiday ended and I  had no choice but to read my husbands books too, even if there were sport related!

Since having the girls I just don’t have the time like I used too. I still read every night when I go to bed, as I have a very active mind and I need to read to switch off. But whereas before children I would stay up for an hour or so reading, I am so tired I barely read a paragraph and I am asleep.

This year I have made an effort to go to bed earlier and take half an hour to read my book. I have found that I am a lot more relaxed at the end of each day and I am sleeping more soundly. I obviously need reading in my life…I have just finished the amazing The Girl on the Train.

Making time for me

I recently wrote a post about Recharging my mummy batteries, which I have come to realise over the last six months is really important for me. I adore being at home with my girls every day, but I have found that by having a few hours once in a while to reset my mummy batteries makes such a difference to how I am feeling and my happiness. It also has an affect on my girls, as I tend to have more patience, more energy which is only a good thing. This is now something I can’t live without, and it makes a much more happy house.

To worry less

I worry a lot and overthink things far too much. From little things, like if someone doesn’t return my text message, I worry I have done or said something to upset them, when in actually fact they are just rubbish at texting. I worry about the kind of mum I am to the girls and am I being a good enough wife. I worry about forgetting important things that are happening in my friends life, because my life is so busy and I am so tired. This sends my natural organisational skills into overdrive, with making lists and setting reminders on my phone, so I don’t forget things.

Worrying like this over little things in life doesn’t make me happy and I am trying really hard to take a step back when something little happens. When I can feel myself getting anxious and starting to worry, I try to take five minutes and look at the bigger picture. Does it really matter if my friend has her birthday card the day before her birthday, so she can open it in the morning or is it ok to have it on the actual day and open it when she gets home from work…

I have to work hard at this one all the time and is a constant one for me. But, it’s an important one for me to tackle.

To put my phone down

Since I have become a stay at home mum, I feel like my phone is permanently connected to me. It started when Alice arrived and I would constantly be on my phone, it was a way for me to feel connected to the outside world. When all I had for company was a month old baby, who really only fed and slept, I needed to feel like there was life outside my front door…

It has really just continued from there. From now on, I will be putting my phone down more and enjoy the people that I am with and the moment. There is nothing on Facebook or emails that can’t wait and I really don’t need to shop online as much as I do! Step away from the phone…


I love to go on holiday, a chance to totally switch off and relax and whilst it may not be as relaxing since we’ve had the girls. I love the time we have together as a family, away from the daily routine. My husband isn’t a massive fan of holidays, he likes to take time off work and spend it with us, but he would rather we stayed at home.

Having a family holiday every year is something that I won’t negotiate on, I think its important to get away from the daily routine, housework etc and I don’t think you relax the same, as you do on holiday.

Sorry Andy I win on this one!

So, there we go that’s my list. I found that really interesting to think about and write.

I’m tagging Louise over at squishedblueberries and Laura over at littleladiesbigworld if you’d like to share your non-negotiables when it comes to happiness.


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  1. 08/03/2016 / 07:40

    What a great post, I’m looking forward to writing mine. I always make a resolution to read more but I’m e same as you, I’m asleep before I get to the bottom of the page!

    • 08/03/2016 / 19:58

      Thank you 🙂 It’s tough to stay to awake, isn’t it? I look forward to reading your list. x

  2. 08/03/2016 / 09:15

    I love your list – reading is a big one for me too and holidays always make me happy! x

    • 08/03/2016 / 19:56

      Thank you lovely. I love getting lost in a book 🙂 We booked our holiday last night, can’t wait! x

  3. 09/03/2016 / 08:08

    What a lovely, positive post 🙂 I love to read as well but I’m totally with you on the reading one paragraph and falling asleep thing! Mum problems hey. I also know what you mean about putting your phone away. I think we sometimes live our lives behind screens these days and phones have made it so much easier to do this 24/7. I recently broke my iPhone and had to make do a with rubbish, really cheap one with no internet and no camera. I felt like my right arm had been cut off and it was only then that I realised how addicted I was to it! Since getting my new iPhone, I am making a conscious effort to be more present in my own life rather than staring at it behind a screen and it has relaxed me no end. Thanks for sharing – I’ve popped over from #BloggersClubUK linky

    • 10/03/2016 / 20:59

      Thank you 🙂 It is definitely a mum problem and seems to be a common one for mummy’s a love to read! Oh, I can’t imagine not having a phone at all!! x

  4. 09/03/2016 / 09:33

    My list would be just the same as yours but I’d also include music, it truly makes me happy to sing and play and listen to all sorts of music. I would love to have this amazing post linked up at #TreasuredMoments if you’d like to, I know people would love to read this and be inspired

    • 10/03/2016 / 21:10

      Yes, music is a good one, me and my girls always have music on dancing away! I will have a look thank you 🙂

  5. 09/03/2016 / 13:14

    I love this list because it really seems to prove that point that it’s often the little, simple things that really make us happy, plus one or two bigger things like a holiday every year to look forward to and really enjoy! x #BloggerClubUK

  6. 09/03/2016 / 14:52

    Hi Laura, you sound just like me when it comes to reading. I don’t read as much as I would like, but I can’t get into bed and go to sleep without reading, no matter how tired I am,much to the amusement of my family. And ‘me time’ is vital for everyone’s happiness, it should actually be prescribed by Doctors to keep people sane as well as happy!

    I was late getting a smart phone (didn’t see the point), but now I wouldn’t be without mine, although I do try and control when I am on it.

    Things that make us happy, should always be non negotiable!


  7. 09/03/2016 / 21:25

    This is such a positive post. I completely agree with the reading thing. I made a resolution to read more as i hadn’t since having my son but i fall asleep after a page or two because I’m so tired! #BloggersClubUK

    • 10/03/2016 / 07:15

      Thank you 🙂 Being tired all the time is a tough one, when it comes to reading because it makes me sleepy!

  8. The Pramshed
    09/03/2016 / 22:10

    I love this list, all things that I need to do more off. I agree that since having my little one I hardly have any time to read or ‘me’ time. I used to read in the bath but even that isn’t happening anymore. Also I spend far too much time on my phone, like now. I’d like to put my non negotiable list together. Claire X #BloggerClubUk

    • 10/03/2016 / 07:14

      Thank you 🙂 It’s hard finding the time to do the things that make us happy, but I am learning that it’s time I need to find. You should totally do your own list x

  9. 13/03/2016 / 19:53

    This is a great list, I can definitely relate to the recharging of batteries and also the worry. I often wake myself up at night worrying about something or other to do with work. I am trying to make sure I do things now that stops that worry even if it means checking email on a Sunday night as you can’t beat a good nights sleep. Oh an a holiday!! Of course 🙂 thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x

    • 13/03/2016 / 20:19

      Thank you. Yes, I always looking for ways to stop me worrying about things, easier said than done! You can beat a holiday 🙂 x