My Goals for 2017…

My Goals for 2017…

I’ve been planning this post in my head for over a week, I talked about it in my post about my plans for my blog last week. But every time I come to write it, I just can’t think what my goals are or should be. Hence why it’s a little late in being posted!

I know that I love writing my blog and yes I’ve enjoyed a little break over Christmas and it’s been a struggle to get back into the swing of things. That isn’t because I don’t want to, but a combination of us having a lot to for our new home. With me spending my evenings browsing the internet for home accessories and also to be honest just not wanting the Christmas break to be over. I’ve loved having Alice and Andy home and spending the evenings with Andy, a glass of baileys and chocolates.

Anyway back to these goals! Well yes I would love to see my blog grow and for it to reach more people. And yes, I would love for my social media followings to grow too. But, do I want to set myself targets? No. I think I will make a note of what they are now in January, as I will be interested to see what they are at the end of year and how much they’ve grown. But, I won’t be setting monthly goals for it.

Does this make be a bad blogger? I don’t think so. Everyone works differently, some people love a goal and the feeling of working towards it and then hitting it. Whilst I am not that person. I am the type of person that stresses and worries about it. Getting myself worked up into a state if I don’t hit it. So, I don’t think it’s healthy for me to have them.

With Alice now at school and Holly starting preschool, it is time for me to start thinking about work. At the moment both Andy and I agree that the right thing for our family is for me to be at home. However, if I could find a way to make a living around the girls that would be fantastic. I received some great advice from a blogging friend, which I will be pursuing now that we have moved house and I have some time.

So, I think my goal for 2017 is to try and find a way for me to stay at home with the girls and earn a living. Whether that is through my blog or pursuing other avenues, or a bit of both. Who knows…

I also have a personal goal to make more time for me. To take time out to reset those mummy batteries, I spoken before on my blog about how much better I feel once I’ve had a break. Even just a couple of hours to myself can make such a difference.

They may not be the goals that I thought I would be writing, but they feel like the right ones for me. I am very excited about where this year will take me. I love writing my blog and I would be lost without it now. 2017 I have a good feeling about you…

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  1. Louise
    06/01/2017 / 21:35

    I think these are brilliant goals. I certainly won’t be setting any to do with my blog stats as I aim to keep things nice and relaxed and enjoy my blog this year (Inhad a bit of a rollercoaster with it last year). I know what you mean about finding it hard to get back into after Christmas. I’m just not wanting to give up my evenings for blogging anymore but I still love it so trying to find a way to fit it in. I have the same goal too about fitting in some regular me time. I think my year will go so much more smoothly for everyone if I manage it 😉 xx

  2. 07/01/2017 / 04:02

    This is so lovely to read Laura. One of the things I love most about your blog is that it’s so natural and authentic. Having goals set in stone can make you become focused on those instead of doing what comes naturally so I think the way you’re doing things is perfect for maintaining your authentic voice. Thank you for the mention too, I’m so glad it helped and please do let me know if ever I can help with anything.

    • 07/01/2017 / 07:10

      Thank you Nat, that is really kind of you to say and thanks again for your advice. I may be knocking on your door again soon x

  3. 07/01/2017 / 17:33

    I think these are great goals Laura. It looks like you have clear direction, you know where you are at the moment and you know the way you want to go. You don’t need monthly targets or even specific things to achieve. I know you’ll do great and I look forward to seeing where this year takes you x

  4. Becky @ Educating Roversi
    07/01/2017 / 22:57

    Good luck with your goals for 2017. They sound challenging but achievable #KCACOLS

  5. 07/01/2017 / 23:33

    We share one of the same goals – to find a way this year to be at home with our little ones more. I am exploring all the avenues and possibilities in the hope that it is possible to live the dream 🙂 Lovely post and great goals. Emily #KCACOLS

  6. 08/01/2017 / 01:31

    They sound like big goals to me and ones that will really make a difference to your life. I hope you find that perfect job, I was looking for just the same and Coombe Mill was my answer. I’ve never looked back. Your perfect job from home will be out there too. #KCACOLS

  7. 08/01/2017 / 07:36

    Oh to make a living through writing would be amazing wouldn’t it? I hope that the advice from your blogging friend helps make it a reality so that you can continue to stay at home with the girls. I’ve also found it quite hard to get back after the Christmas break as mine don’t go back to school until this week so the rest of the world seems to be back up and running but we really aren’t yet! Secretly looking forward to pushing forward with the blog – so many ideas but no time! Here’s to a wonderful 2017 for you lovely x #KCACOLS

  8. 08/01/2017 / 08:19

    Good luck! I too would like to find a way of earning a little income so I can be at home more with the kids. Fingers crossed it works! #KCACOLS

  9. 08/01/2017 / 09:46

    perfect goals Laura 🙂 you don’t need a whole list full of things. now you have the house move sorted and you are getting settled you can hopefully focus more on you and what you want work-wise. excited to see where the year takes you 🙂 xx #KCACOLS

  10. 08/01/2017 / 10:37

    I love your goals! My life goal is to find a way to spend more time at home!

    When I wrote my goals I did wonder if I was putting too much pressure on myself by been number specific. I guess I’ll just see how I get on this year.

    Maybe next year I’ll adopt your philosophy on setting goals

  11. Kimberley | Ohjustmylittleblog
    08/01/2017 / 12:58

    Hopefully you’ll manage some more me time with Holly starting preschool, then I’m sure the rest will follow. I think recharging your batteries makes everything else seem more possible! x #KCACOLS

  12. The Hippy Christian Mum
    08/01/2017 / 13:16

    Just like knowing how you personally learn best it’s good to know how you work best too. I think it’s great that you have identified that strict goal setting doesn’t work for you. I’m between the two, while I probably wouldn’t get stressed it is possible I may feel sad/failure if I didn’t reach a set number so it’s a case of finding an in-between for me. I’ve set some goals and then done a vision board alongside so that the two are congruent and it will help me not get too caught up in the stats I think. Good luck with persuing a new vocation from home! #KCACOLS

  13. 08/01/2017 / 18:28

    If setting targets isn’t going to help than that doesn’t make you a bad blogger just a sensible person. I don’t really have any goals for this year. Blogging or otherwise. #kcacols

  14. 08/01/2017 / 18:41

    I have set very similar goals. I want to grow my blog but have not stated by how much, I am happy as long as it grows a little. I love the recharging your mummy batteries idea, again I have something similar in my goals. I would love half an hour a week to just read and relax.

  15. 08/01/2017 / 20:58

    I just took “me time” and it felt amazing.

    Guilty…but amazing.


  16. 09/01/2017 / 11:36

    I think rather than making goals we should simply enjoy being bloggers!

  17. 09/01/2017 / 21:42

    Enjoy some time to yourself first! You sound like you’ve got everything at least sort of planned out in your head, which is awesome. I wouldn’t be setting goals for blog stats either – farrrr too much pressure. Just enjoy writing! Happy 2017! #KCACOLS

  18. 10/01/2017 / 09:51

    Great goals! I agree I just enjoy blogging for me and anyone that has the time to read them I am forever grateful! #KCACOLS

  19. 11/01/2017 / 03:40

    Great goals, I need to remember sometimes I started my blog for me, not for anyone else. If I ever make anything at it that is a bonus, #KCACOLS

  20. 11/01/2017 / 09:37

    Lovely goals – I hope you make it, finding a job or becoming a pro blogger – good luck!

  21. 11/01/2017 / 13:31

    This is a really sensible approach – there is no point in setting goals that will stress you out!! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday. 🙂

  22. 22/01/2017 / 08:01

    Great goals! Very much in line with mine. I agree with not setting targets, they’ll only be a disappointment in the end. Thanks for sharing #KCACOLS