My Girls…January 2016

I love nothing more than talking about my girls and taking photos of them and now I get the lovely pleasure of writing about them too….so, it seemed perfect for me to join in with the sibling project hosted by Lucy at dear beautiful. I love the simple idea of capturing the moments of my two girls and their relationship. I just know that I am going to enjoy looking back at these.

From the moment Alice met Holly nearly sixteen months ago, she fell in love. She was so excited to meet her little sister, the one that had been growing in mummy’s tummy, the one that made mummy poorly, the one that wriggled around and made her laugh, the one that just couldn’t come fast enough in her little world.

I had spent nine months waiting for the moment they met, I had high expectations that it was going to be just perfect. And, it really was perfect. Alice arrived with nan and grandad at the hospital when Holly was only a few hours old and the look of love when she saw her little sister will stay with me forever.


Leading up to the birth, I had read a lot about how to introduce siblings and some tips on how to make it a lovely experience. One suggestion was that the girls would give each other a present, as apparently that would make Alice happy and maybe love her more!! So, this is what I did…but Alice really didn’t need that present from Holly.

The last sixteen months I have loved watching their relationship grow and change as Holly has got older. Alice is a very caring person and this shines through when she is with Holly. If Holly gets upset Alice will sing ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ and Holly immediately stops crying. Alice will give her a cuddle and say ‘it’s ok my little darling’ and it melts my heart every time.

Alice is desperate for Holly to play with her and sometimes Holly is happy to be marched around the house by her big sister, but sometimes Holly just wants to do her own thing….I think Holly will be the boss in their relationship!

This year is going to see them change so much, Holly is constantly changing and growing up way to fast and Alice just continues to surprise us with how much she is learning and the little girl she is becoming. It’s a year I really want to capture all the little moments of their relationship and the sibling project will be great to make sure I do it!!

Thank you Lucy for giving me this opportunity to remember my girls growing relationship…it’s a fantastic project.






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