My Girls…September 2018

My Girls…September 2018

This last month has been a game of two halves for my two sisters. They loved the summer holidays, they were together every single day for 6 weeks and whilst they of course had the odd squabble, they genuinely had the best time together. I find that they actually get on better when they are together for longer periods of time.

They naturally fell into a pattern of playing together. They love to watch the programme Spirit Riding Free and then they play games around it with their hobby horse. It’s very funny to watch and it’s when they are at their happiest.

It really was one of my favourite summers with the girls. At the start of the 6 weeks it always feels like a long time and I worry about how I’m going to cope and will Andy come home to find me rocking in the corner. But I took it in my stride, I’ve learnt to pick my battles and to go with the flow a lot more. To be a more relaxed parent and say ‘yes’ more, because the summer holidays allows you that bit of extra freedom and I think we all benefited from it.

I will always be a mum that would much rather have her girls home with her. I’m truly grateful that I get to spend the time with them, I know this time is precious and there will come a time when it won’t be cool to hang out with me. Or they will be off playing with their friends and I won’t be needed. I can’t imagine that life right now, but I know that it is around the corner and I’m going to enjoy this time with them.

With school arriving it was time to send Alice off into Year two, which she couldn’t wait for. She is now head of the school, wears a tie and just seems even more grown up. And the day that I didn’t want to arrive, that I’ve been trying to ignore all summer, my little Holly’s first day at school.

To se my two littleHolly’s first day at school girls walk to school together, was just heart melting. Holly was SO excited to be joining her big sister finally. And Alice was the brilliant big sister that I knew she would be. Telling her everything she needed to know, making sure she was ok and giving Holly that support when she needed it.

My photos this month are from a ordinary day out. I don’t tend to buy the girl matching clothes, even though they love it. This is there only matching outfit and it came about, as I brought the t-shirts for the royal wedding party we were going to. The trousers they spotted in the shop and they are just like nanny’s and they begged me to have to them. They get ridiculously excited when they wear this outfit and they had also recently been given these gorgeous Minnie Mouse bags from their cousin who had just got back from Disney.

They asked me to take the photos to show Nanny and I just love them. It’s become a bit of thing to stand in front of our red brick wall as we leave the house to have a photo. It appears a lot over on my Instagram photos.

And I had to share one photo from their first day at school. I just love the way that Holly is looking at Alice, you can see the love in her eyes and I adore it.


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  1. 15/09/2018 / 18:26

    It is a big step when your youngest child starts school. I hope they have both settled back happily.

  2. 15/09/2018 / 19:06

    I do remember when my brother started at my school, i was his protector and we had so much fun. Am sure the girls will too and good luck with the school year

  3. 18/09/2018 / 09:44

    I love their coordinating Mickey and Minnie bags

  4. Zena's Suitcase
    18/09/2018 / 11:38

    It’s been exactly the same here. My eldest went into year 2 and the youngest started. So far they are looking out for each other which is great

  5. Abundant Vegan Life
    18/09/2018 / 16:24

    They are precious! It is always hard when a child starts school. I remember it well. It definitely took some getting used to! I’m sure they will look after each other, you can see the bond they have!