My Girls…October 2018

My Girls…October 2018

I can’t believe that this time next week I will have both my girls home with me for half term, the weeks have flown by and I can’t wait to have them home with me, even if a week isn’t long enough.

Even though I’m struggling with having them both at school, they are loving being together. What I love most is hearing their little stories about when they were playing together at lunchtime. Or Holly saying ‘I saw you in your classroom Alice’, it’s really comforting to know they are together while Holly has been settling in.

They’ve always been really close and Holly would miss Alice when she was at school. But I think it was possible, they are even closer now they are at school together. It’s like Holly now has more of an understanding of where Alice has been going for the last 2 years and they can chat about school life together and both know what they are talking about. It’s just me, that tries to get information from them both about what they’ve been doing.

My photos this month are from one of our favourite places, Millets Farm and we headed there for our annual pumpkin picking. The girls just love going and they always have the best pumpkins ready for you to pick. They loved to get the wheelbarrow and head to the field. I remember 2 years ago, Holly would sit in the wheelbarrow and Alice would push her. How things have changed!


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  1. 15/10/2018 / 10:23

    Ah my big two love that they are at the same school together again now and they often play together at lunch time – it’s cute isn’t it!
    We’re so ready for half term x

  2. 17/10/2018 / 11:03

    Awwww they’re so cute, Laura! I love a bit of pumpkin patch action. We’re getting our pumpkins just before Halloween and my mum will be there. Can’t wait!

  3. Looks like your girls had fun pumpkin picking. How lovely that they are enjoying being at school together. I’m looking forward to half-term too 🙂 #siblingsproject

  4. 22/10/2018 / 22:54

    It looks like they are having a fab time with the pumpkins, and how lovely they are enjoying being at school together so much. I’m hoping Toby and Gabe are the same next year – Toby is always talking about ‘when you’re at my school Gabe…’ so I think they’re going to love it 🙂 #SiblingsProject