My Girls…May 2018

My Girls…May 2018

If I could pause time, I would do it right now. Andy and I were talking at the weekend about how good it was that we’ve got the point where the girls just get on and play together nicely. They adore each other, yes they have squabbles but they have become less and less as they’ve both got older.

They are just best buddies and want to be with each other all the time. They have their little games that they play, they know their roles and it just works.

I love listening to their little chats when they don’t realise I’m there, its the cutest and the funniest thing. They really do make my heart melt and make me roar with laughter.

I keep thinking ahead to September when Holly starts school and I do feel a bit sorry for the school, as whenever they see each other they just want to give each other a hug and I don’t think that will go down to well in school assembly! It still breaks my heart anytime I think about Holly starting school and picturing her in her school uniform. Mind you she keeps telling me she will wear her own clothes, so that will be fun.

We’re on countdown to half term now, don’t the weeks just flyby. We’re going away for a few days with my parents and we can’t wait. It’s all the girls talk about. They love my parents and to spend this time with them is so precious. My nan came on every holiday with us until I was 14 years old and I have so many lovely memories of her on our holidays. I want that for my girls.

I had left my photos to the last minute and I was beginning to think I was going to have to get some at home quickly. But then at the weekend we were driving home and Holly needed the toilet. We were on some country lanes and Andy pulled into this ditch. I couldn’t believe it when I saw it was a beautiful yellow field and no fence! Winning!

The girls were in a good mood to hop out and have some photos. They thought it was great fun to be in this big yellow field. Whenever I ask them for a photo together, they immediately go to hug each other. Which is lovely, but it doesn’t always make for the nicest photo and they just hug so tightly I can’t actually see them! But we got there in the end and I adore these photos of them.

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  1. Oh my goodness! That last photo of them running away – super cute! Oh, I get the whole heartbreak at school thing. I don’t think I’ll know what to do with myself when my last little one heads off!! Beautiful pictures of two beautiful girls!

  2. 15/05/2018 / 22:14

    Such a perfect opportunity to get some shots and always good when it comes together nicely. I can imagine they will be so close at school although i dont envy you with the uniform, once they have ideas in their head it is tricky isnt it?!

  3. 16/05/2018 / 06:52

    These are just gorgeous photos and really show the live they share. You’ve reminded me of a tape seed field we visited with my first son when he was nearly 2. Time to return with his brother who is two now I think. Thanks for the inspiration!