My Girls…December 2018

My Girls…December 2018

I can’t believe this is my last post about my girls for 2018, I don’t know where this year has gone. When I look back at last’s year December post, Holly has changed so much this last year and Alice has lost more teeth!

It’s been a big year for my sisters, we started the year with Alice as a year one and Holly at preschool. I had applied for Holly’s school place and was in denial that she would be joining her sister at school in September. And now here we are with Alice as a year two and Holly in reception year, about to finish her first term.

They love going to school together and having Alice there already and being very familiar with the school, definitely helped Holly settle in. I still miss her every single day and I know that she misses me too, she is my little shadow at the weekends. Not wanting to be apart from me for too long and I feel the same about her.

I know I say this a lot, and its probably because with each stage of them growing up, it does get better. But I really wish I could pause them at this age. They are at just a perfect age! The days of naps and nappies are well and truly behind us and they can cope better with days out. Whilst I miss the pushchair to bundle everything onto, it is much easier to have a day out now and we can venture into London a lot easier now too.

They are the best of friends and they rarely fall out, just the odd squabble now and again. I adore watching them together. I say it a lot to friends, that their personalities suit their role. Alice is the perfect big sister, she is gentle, kind and always looks out for Holly. It literally brings tears to my eyes, knowing how lucky Holly is to have her. And Holly is the perfect little sister, she is funny, cute and looks up to Alice. She brings the fun to the twosome and I love to see her being cheeky and getting Alice to loosen her a bit. I just know they are always going to have each other, and all I hope for is that they know how lucky they are to have each other. A sister is a best friend for life.

What I love most about writing my end of year post, is getting to look back at a whole year of photos of my girls and really seeing the differences in them.

For the last two years my December photos have been taken by the Christmas tree and this year was no different. Its become a little tradition without me even realising.

Finally as it’s the end of year, its time to do a round up of 2018. What a difference a year makes…

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  1. 16/12/2018 / 17:27

    Ah what a gorgeous year they have had! I love seeing all their photos and it was so lovely to finally meet them this summer. I look forward to seeing what 2019 has in store for your girls!

  2. 17/12/2018 / 16:45

    My goodness they both look so grown up. So lovely that they enjoy going to school together. I love the fact you’ve started a tradition with the tree photo

  3. 17/12/2018 / 19:59

    This is a lovely post to read – I wish I had started the same when my two were younger. It scares me how fast they’ve grown up