My Girls…April 2018

My Girls…April 2018

Today is the last day of our Easter holidays together and I have loved having my girls home. I was looking back at last April’s post, when we were also on Easter holidays and the sun was shining. Sadly that hasn’t been the case this year, it has been rain rain and more rain.

But have the girls moaned about it, no. Have they even mentioned it, no. Because to them the weather isn’t a factor to having fun and being together. They just do this naturally, whatever we are doing and wherever we are and I couldn’t love them more of it.

The last 2 weeks have mainly been spending time at home, popping out to garden centres, cafe’s and a quick walk before the showers return. And they’ve loved it.

We did have a mini adventure to Alton Towers when Andy was off work and we had so much fun. The sun even showed up too!  The girls slept in bunk beds for the first time ever and you would’ve thought it was Christmas. They squealed with delight when they saw them. It’s the little things in life, that brings the most happiness.

I’m so glad that we decided not to go abroad this year and instead have a holiday in Cornwall and lots of little adventures along the way too. We’ve realised how much we love it when we are altogether and away from the day to day routine that being at home brings. I’ll always be thankful to my little blog for bringing us so many wonderful opportunities that have made it possible.

The girls have laughed non-stop, played together non-stop, cuddled each other non-stop and of course had the odd squabble, that see’s me telling them to have some time apart. Which they can’t manage for more than 5 minutes and want to be back in each other’s arms.

We’ve danced, we’ve baked, we’ve done colouring until we have no paper left and we’ve eaten far too much chocolate. Well Alice and I have, it appears that Holly would much rather a carrot bar (I question is she really mine?).

I’m not ready for it to end, especially as it appears the sun is going to make an appearance this week, how typical is that. We’ve loved the slow mornings, the extra snuggles in bed and I’ve definitely not missed the school run.

Tomorrow I find out if Holly will be joining her sister at her school in September, I’m not ready and I wrote about it last week. But I know that these two can’t wait, Alice talks about it all the time. I actually feel sorry for the teachers, as I think they will just want to be together. Whilst I may not be ready, I’m so pleased that Holly will have her big sister by her side.

My photos this month were taken on a trip to the park. The sun had come out and as we walked back to the car the girls wanted to sit and make daisy chains. They got the giggles and these are some of my favourite photos ever of them.



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  1. Such beautiful photos of your girls. It is so lovely to see and hear about the wonderful bond that they share. So glad that you had a lovely holiday too. Wishing you all the best with finding out about Holly’s school place tomorrow xx

  2. 15/04/2018 / 08:17

    Sending good luck vibes for you for the school placement! Also bunk beds are THE BEST when you’re little aren’t they! Mine get excited about them in hotels even though they have them at home, little weirdos!

  3. 15/04/2018 / 10:08

    Oh they look like they are having a ball. So pretty amongst the tulips. Good luck for the school placements. My kids love a good bunk bed they are always asking if they can have one. 😉 Have a great month ahead. #siblingsproject

  4. 15/04/2018 / 22:46

    It sounds very similar too our few weeks too, I’ll be so sad when it’s sunny and she is back at school!!

  5. 16/04/2018 / 09:44

    They are so adorable! And just think of all the make-up borrowing they can do when older 🙂 #siblingsproject

  6. 17/04/2018 / 23:31

    Oh that photo of Alice looking at Holly as they laugh almost made me cry! I love seeing that bond between siblings, I cry all the time at how lovely my girls are together! What a fab Easter holidays you had! xx

  7. 19/04/2018 / 09:49

    They are just so cute together. Great bond they have. #siblingsproject