My Eldest Daughter’s Bedroom Tour…

My Eldest Daughter’s Bedroom Tour…

I can’t get over how much Alice has grown up recently and when her current bed broke and we needed to buy her a new one, it felt like the right time to update her bedroom. She was fast outgrowing the princess/fairy theme she had. About a week after deciding to do her room, her chest of draws broke too and this made me get on and do her room for her.

Alice had a high bed previously, but decided this time she wanted a normal single bed. This meant I had more options for the layout of her room, which really helped and meant I could fit more in. Because the girls have a playroom, they don’t really play in their rooms that much. Which meant I didn’t have to leave too much floor space for playing in.

Her room has a large built in wardrobe, with mirror doors. Which she definitely doesn’t appreciate right now, but give it a few years and she will be doing selfies in them. I wanted to add a desk into her room, as Alice loves to sit and write. It means that in the mornings she can wake up and sit and write if she wants to and very often this is what she does. Then brings me little poems or notes she has written for me.

Alice wanted to have a pink wall and when I was browsing on This Modern Life for accessories, we spotted this wallpaper and she loved it. Thankfully my Mum is great at putting wallpaper up and did it for us. I love it so much and it is something that will grow with her.

I actually finished her room ages ago, apart from a few accessories and have been waiting to show it to you all.

This photo is taken as you walk into the room. It’s hard to get a photo to show you the true size of the room, but its a great size room and we’ve managed to make really good use of the space.

I’ve always previously had her bed up against a wall, mainly because when she was younger it meant she couldn’t fall out on her one side. By having the bed coming out into the room, it meant we could fit in a desk for her.  Alice’s bed is the Islander from GLTC, which we brought most of her furniture from this time. It’s worth looking out for the fab offers GLTC have when buying furniture. We brought the underbid truckle too, as it gave us extra storage which has been brilliant.

The chest of draws is from the same range and is the Islander chest of drawers, the draws are really deep and we’ve been able to fit everything in easily. On top she has a jewellery box, which was a christening present. An Alice sign which Andy’s cousin brought her a few years ago. A framed print and a couple of money boxes in front. These cute suitcase boxes are from The Works and I put all the girls hair clips and band in them. The Works do all different sets and I got a rainbow set for Holly and they have a buy 2 sets for £10 offer, which is great.

I brought this cute little sign to go above her bed from NEXT, which I love.

The other side of her bed is a bedside table, which again is the Islander Bedside Table from GLTC. Here she has the books she is reading, a Smiggle clock which her friend brought her for her birthday last year. A JoJo night light and a lamp. It took me ages to find the right lamp and I found this one in the Debenhams January sale. The stand is like a tray and Alice pops little bits in it sometimes.

I’m really pleased that we were able to fit this desk into the room. Alice loves it so much and it will be well used over the years. I went for the Faraday Desk from GLTC and in their clearance section, they had a desk bureau that fitted perfectly on top of it.

On her desk is a desk tidy, a photo frame from IKEA, a heart photo frame which has sprinkles when you shake it, a globe, a calendar from Tiger Tiger, mushroom light and a cactus from New Look.

Above her desk is a gallery wall. This was already there, but with changing beds and the layout it meant we had more room and added a few extra frames to it. The frames are all from IKEA, the clock I painted at a local pottery place and the ‘A’ is from an Instagram seller, which I brought about 4 years ago.

Here is a view of the room from the other side and you can see the double wardrobe that she has.

In the corner of her room, we had quite a bit of space and I thought it would be nice to create a space for Alice to read. She is a little book worm. My friend had brought her daughter this chair and when Alice and I spoke about having somewhere to sit and read she asked for a pink chair and I just knew this would be perfect. I adore it! It is from Dunelm and I now wish I had kept it for our room I love it so much.

The cushion sat on her chair is from IKEA.

The storage trunks, were kindly sent to us from QVC last year and I originally had them with my desk area. But I had to send back my desk and we changed the area downstairs (long story), which meant they didn’t fit in downstairs anymore. But I knew they would look perfect in Alice’s room and they look even better than I could’ve hoped. We’ve popped all her games in them and they make great stylish storage.

The cloud cushion sat on top of them is from Verbaudet.

This is the other wall in her room and it has wall stickers dotted all over it, to add some colour and interest. These shelves are actually picture ledges from IKEA  and are filled with lots of bits and bobs.

The houses are a set of 3 from Vertbaudet , the gold photo frame  and unicorn tea light are from ASDA, the ice cream keyring was a gift and the Poppy Troll is a light from my parents. Which I think they got The Entertainer.

The cloud light is from This Modern Life, the plant is from New Look and the Pink Peg Board is from This Modern Life.

The Smile Dream Love frame is from Sainsbury Home, Pink Cactus and Calendarfrom Tiger Tiger, Pink Photo Frame and Pink Heart Light are from ASDA and the plant from New Look.

I’ve made a little video tour of the room, to give you a better idea of what it looks like.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I will be doing a similar one of Holly’s room which is Rainbow themed.


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  1. 20/02/2019 / 22:21

    Oh that is beautiful! My daughter had a lovely room (not quite as cool as this) but she hit her pre-teen years and has gone a bit tom boyish on me. Her bedroom is now a bit drab!

  2. 21/02/2019 / 08:57

    You have done an amazing job here. I love all the details. We are making over Caspian’s room soon I hope.

  3. 21/02/2019 / 14:20

    Oh wow how lovely is this room. Loving the decor and the colours too xx

  4. 21/02/2019 / 17:38

    Such a beautiful bedroom. Great colours and decor 🙂 Love the pink chair and the blue suitcase style storage trunks too.

  5. 21/02/2019 / 21:54

    I love GLTC I find their furniture is really built to last. Those wardrobes are lovely and I would really appreciate them now please. All the little touches which have really been thought about making a beautiful room for a little lady.