Mr & Mrs Tag…#CouplesQuiz

Mr & Mrs Tag…#CouplesQuiz

Andy and I have known each other for a long time, I won’t spoil the quiz by telling you all about it now. I am sharing The Story Of Us on my blog, if you want to find out the rollercoaster ride that is our relationship.

I’ve never played the Mr & Mrs style game with Andy before, we love watching the celebrity Mr & Mrs on television and it always makes me laugh. So, when BedGuru got in touch asking us to join in with the #CouplesQuiz challenge I thought it would be fun to do.

When it comes to sleep, we are very different. Andy will fall asleep instantly, sleep through anything and if he gets woken up, he can go back off no problem. I’m the opposite, I have to read to get off to sleep, my mind is too active. I get woken by everything and if I get woken up in the night I struggle to get back off.

What makes a comfy night sleep is different for us both too. Andy likes lots of pillows and a soft mattress. Whereas I like two pillows and a fairly hard mattress. Yes, it was so much fun buying our mattress (not!). In fact I should have gone to BedGuru as they have a selection of couple’s mattresses that would’ve suited us perfectly.

Anyway onto the Mr & Mrs quiz. We both answered our questions separately and it was really interesting to read back our answers to the same questions, about us.

How Did We Meet?

Me: At work, I was Andy’s boss for a while. But that’s not when we got together as a couple….that came much later.

Andy: At work.

How Long Have You Known Each Other? 

Me: I’m rubbish at working this out, as we’ve known each other for a lot longer than we’ve been a couple. I’m guessing at 14 years!

Andy: It will be 15 years this August.

(So, technically I was right!)

What Do You Do To Keep The Love Alive?

Me: I try really hard to make sure that we remember to still be Andy and Laura. Without ‘us’, there is no family. We will just be 2 people who have children. The fact that I still fancy him, enjoy being in his company and wouldn’t want to be doing this with anyone else helps. 

Andy: Next Question…

What Andy is good at is telling me how beautiful I look, telling me he loves me. And even though I’m REALLY rubbish at taking a compliment, it is lovely to hear.

What Are Your Partners Pet Peeves?

Me: Andy is really laid back and actually I can’t think of anything that annoys him.

Andy: You don’t like lateness. As in you being late anywhere.

What Do You Love The Most About Each Other?

Me: That Andy puts me and the girls before himself. After a long day at work he never moans about coming home and straight into the thick of family life. I love the way he makes me feel about me, he keeps me grounded and safe.

Andy: You are thoughtful of others.

What Is the Most Memorable Gift You Have Received From Your Partner?

Me: Andy is really generous when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. My first present from him is probable my most memorable, it was a gorgeous diamond necklace and I loved that he had brought it all my himself. 

Andy: The Tour Of Lords. As a cricket fan this was a brilliant gift. 

What Is Your Favourite Memory As A Couple?

Me: Andy asking me to marry him in the snow. I wasn’t expecting it and we were out on a walk. He caught me completely by surprise and I loved it. 

Andy: Getting engaged in the snow.

What Is The Most Key Component Of Your Relationship? 

Me: Trust and communication. Without them there is no relationship.

Andy: Loyalty. 

What Is Your Dream Destination For A Couple’s Holiday?

Me: Lake Garda in Italy. I adore Italy, and we’ve had some lovely trips together to Rome and Florence. Lake Garda looks beautiful and it would be lovely to have a holiday there.

Andy: The Maldives 

What Are Your Favourite Things To Do As A Couple?

Me: To have a meal out together. There is nothing better than good food to eat and good company. 

Andy: Going out for a meal together. 

Well, we didn’t do to bad and it was really interesting when we read out our answers to each other. It made for a fun evening!

Why not have go with your partner and see how you get on…

Disclosure: This is in collocation with BedGuru.



  1. 21/06/2017 / 13:08

    Aww Laura this made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside! You sound like such a strong couple, I love that he compliments you, I know how important that is. I also love that you were his boss too! Xxx

  2. 21/06/2017 / 17:15

    I love how you were his boss! lovely blog x

  3. 21/06/2017 / 17:31

    Really sweet post 🙂 Getting engaged in the snow sounds lovely! x

  4. 21/06/2017 / 20:41

    This is a beautiful post. I think my wife did something like this a LONG time ago when she first started blogging. I think I need do something similar with my daughter. She what she things of Daddy etc.

    Thanks for Sharing.

    John M

  5. 21/06/2017 / 23:23

    Aww laura I loved reading this. Made me smile so much. A lovely insight into your relationship x

  6. 23/06/2017 / 19:37

    What a beautiful post! I would love to have holiday near Garda lake as well.

  7. 24/06/2017 / 09:51

    I’m going to have to try this with my husband as I’m actually intrigued to see if our answers are anywhere near the same. We’ve done quizzes like this before and where he has triumphed I have monumentally failed haha x

  8. 26/06/2017 / 10:37

    What a beautiful q&a z love hearing about couples and their experiences.

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