Me and Mine…A Family Project June 2016

Me and Mine…A Family Project June 2016

I know I say this every month, but seriously where did June go? I can’t believe that we are in July tomorrow and only a few short weeks until the end of school term. When Alice will say goodbye to her preschool, where she has had so much fun, made lots of friends and learnt lots of new things that will help her in the future. It means that we are getting that little bit closer to her starting school and I’m just not ready to let my little girl go.

June has been a mixed month, we sadly lost my beautiful nan. She was the person that knew me best and I still can’t believe that she is no longer with us. But, my family have been brilliant and have got me through this period. The girls still make me smile on days where I think I will never smile again. I am incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful family.

It was also my birthday and whilst it came the day after my nan passing away, all my family got together as it was Fathers Day too and we spent a lovely day in the park and having lunch. It was just what we all needed.

Alice and Holly have grown even closer this month, Holly’s speech is amazing for her age and this has meant they can chat together more. It has also meant fewer arguments, as they are able to communicate better to each other.

We have come away for a few days with my parents and it literally hasn’t stopped raining. And when I say rain, its that horrible sideways rain. But, we are making the most of our time together and the girls are loving having us all together.

I hoped to have some beautiful sunny photos of us from our trip away, but sadly that hasn’t happened and these were taken on the sofa in our lodge before we headed off for dinner.


This is the face I now get from Holly when you tell her you want a photo….cheese!!!


Then the two minutes is up and Holly wants to escape!



The Me and Mine Project


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  1. 30/06/2016 / 09:34

    I agree, June has just disappeared! We’re also on holiday in the train but loving it nonetheless.

  2. LauraCYMFT
    30/06/2016 / 20:34

    These are lovely photos! Agree, June has just flown by!

  3. 30/06/2016 / 23:52

    love your monthly family shots, such a wonderful idea.

  4. It’s crazy how quickly this year is passing isn’t it – slow down time! Love your photos this month and Holly’s face when you try to get her to smile is fabulous 🙂 #meandmineproject

  5. 01/07/2016 / 15:00

    These are so lovely! Completely agree – where has June gone? The month has flown by! That ‘cheese face’ is brilliant, she’s such a cutie! #MeandMine

  6. 04/07/2016 / 12:21

    So sorry to hear the news about your Nan xx June flew by so fast I hadnt even realised we was at the end of the month so our photos are very last minute haha! #meandmine