Me and Mine A Family Project…July 2017

Me and Mine A Family Project…July 2017

Well July you didn’t bring us much sun, but you did give some us lovely family memories. It’s felt like a long month, but in a good way. Whilst the weeks do always seem to flyby, it felt like a long time ago that I sat down to write my Me and Mine post for June.

It’s been a busy month for Alice at school, with the end of term in sight there was lots of different events taking place. We had her end of school report and parents evening, it was lovely to hear everything that she has achieved this year. We are so proud of her and whilst I’m not ready to have a daughter in year one, she is more than ready.

We also had Holly’s end of term for preschool and whilst she only went for one morning a week I know she is going to miss it over the summer holidays. She has done so well settling in and we are proud of her.

With Alice’s birthday being in the school holidays and everyone going away, we decided to do her school birthday party just before they broke up for school to make sure all her friends could come.

Having been to a lot of parties over the past year, she was really excited that it was finally her turn to be the birthday girl. Parties always make me nervous, I worry about everyone having a good time and it can feel like a bit of pressure to put on a good party for everyone. Thankfully Alice said it was the best party ever and that is good enough for me.

We are not even a week into the summer holidays and whilst I love having the girls home with me, Alice is exhausted from school and it’s been a testing time. We started the holidays with some quiet days at the park, going to the coffee shop and spending time at home. I’m really hoping this time will mean she is a bit more relaxed and nice Alice will stick around for the rest of the holidays.

It’s hard to believe that at the start of July we had glorious sunshine and now it rains for at least part of each day. We’ve been trying to make the most of the times when it’s dry and heading to a National Trust place for a couple of hours.

Which is where our photos for the month were taken. I hadn’t planned on taking them when we left, I had been for a spa morning with my sister in law and when I finished Andy and the girls came and met me and headed off.

The girls had a great time playing in the children’s area and we had an ice cream. Afterwards we set of on trail that I really had no clue where it was going to take us. Thankfully we kind of looped round and just as we were coming out of a wooded area, we spotted these logs that looked perfect for some shots.

They are not the best photos, I look a bit shiny from my spa treatments and have no make up on. But this is us, just as we are.

At the end of August we will be on our holiday in Wales, lets hope the photos are us enjoying the sun!

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  1. Oh I have all my fingers crossed that the sunshine comes back soon – this occasional torrential downpour thing is not my idea of fun!! It sounds like your pictures were taken at the perfect end to a busy month and you all look so happy and relaxed – the spa sounds bliss!

  2. 31/07/2017 / 16:36

    Lovely photos of you guys. You’re so right, July hasn’t brought much sunshine has it? Hopefully August will be better! x

  3. Lovely photos of you all making the most of the dry weather! Fingers crossed for nicer weather this month. We had a testing start to the summer holidays too – thankfully it seems to be getting better now that Jessica is less tired so hopefully Alice will be the same. Hope you have a wonderful family holiday next month x #meandmineproject

  4. 31/07/2017 / 21:33

    I think they are lovely photos, perfect spot for a family shot xx

  5. 01/08/2017 / 20:41

    I love these sorts of photos, forest / woodland ones are always some of my favourites! Hope you all have a wonderful August! x

  6. 01/08/2017 / 23:45

    Lovely pictures, fresh and relaxed and happy 🙂 Similar to you, I also really enjoyed the end of the school/nursery year and hearing more about how my daughter has been doing. I hope you have a great trip to Wales!

  7. 04/08/2017 / 19:28

    I will send some sunshine virtually to you now. Hope it shows up. These are loveiy and sounds like you are having a great summer despite the missing sunshine. #meandmineproject

  8. 15/08/2017 / 23:02

    I think they are lovely pictures, shiny face and all 🙂 I hope you’ve been managing to enjoy the holidays, despite the rain! I can’t believe we’re half way through already! #MeAndMineProject

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