Me and Mine A Family Project…February 2018

Me and Mine A Family Project…February 2018

With January quite possibly the slowest month ever! I’ve blinked and we’re at the end of February and I just know we’re going to be at Easter before we know it.

February has been a lovely month for us as a family, as it saw us go on our first family mini break as a family. I’ve always been someone that loves to go away, even just for a night away to see the country and the world be live in. But I’m also a true gemini and love my home, it’s all about the balance for me.

Until this year I don’t think we’ve got the balance quite right. We’ve shied away from going away too much with the girls because unless Alice is in her own bedroom she can be a bit of a pickle to go to sleep. Which makes it more expensive to go away when we need 3 bedrooms every time. We’ve had some pretty awful nights in family rooms in hotels!

But when we were invited to go and stay at Caalm Camp, where we would all be together in a yurt. Andy and I sat down and talked about it, knowing how much the girls would love to stay there, saying how much we want to explore more with the children. And that Alice is never going to get used to different sleeping arrangements if we never do them!

We took a leap of faith and said yes to a stay at Caalm Camp. In fact it spurred us on to book other mini breaks throughout the year, before we had even gone on the first one. We decided to make this the year that we didn’t a little thing (it’s never a little thing) like sleep stop us.

At half term we headed to Caalm Camp in Dorset and arrived at the most beautiful place. Which was a home for 3 days, we explored Corfe Castle, which was one of the most beautiful places. We went to Weymouth Sealife Centre and had a great time. We toasted marshmallows over the fire pit, we led in our beds and glazed up at the stars. We made so many lovely memories.

And the sleep? Well the first time was always going to be a novelty, but Alice went to sleep only 30 minutes later than normal. Where she slept for 3 hours and then she came in with me and Andy went into her bed. It wasn’t a horrendous night and she had a nap the next day in the car which helped. The second night she went straight to sleep in her own bed and stayed there all night.

Whilst my little Holly was the sleeping superstar and slept for 12 hours straight both nights!

I was really proud of Alice, she knows she can be a pickle when she sleeps elsewhere and she really wanted to be good. It wasn’t a complete a disaster, I wasn’t threatening to leave after the first night and it gives me hope for the rest of the mini breaks we’ve got booked this year.

It was a great start to the year for us as a family and we had a wonderful time just being us, away from the day to day life. On our last morning we took us family photos to remember our time there and I think they are some of my favourites.

We tried to have a family photo at Corfe Castle, but Alice didn’t want to join in our crazy photo!

On the last day we visited Gold Hill at Shaftsbury, where they filmed the Hovis advert and I love this photo of us.


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  1. 28/02/2018 / 12:12

    What lovely photos and gorgeous light! Looks so lovely.
    January was so slow yes, and yet February seems to have flown by! I have twins and you’d think they’d be the same at sleeping but no — my daughter doesn’t need as much as my son and has always woken us up VERY early most mornings 🙁 Drives me crazy but that’s who she is! Hopefully it won’t last forever! xx

  2. Lovely family photos of you all as always. Sounds like you had a lovely trip away and glad that Alice wasn’t too bad on the sleeping front. Glamping sounds like fun – I’m quite tempted to give it a try at some point! 🙂 #meandmineproject

  3. 28/02/2018 / 19:16

    It sounds like such a lovely month and I totally sympathise with the sleeping thing, my girls are the same but I really do not want it to stop us either xx

  4. 01/03/2018 / 09:09

    What lovely family pictures, as always! A great read.

  5. 10/03/2018 / 09:41

    These are the most beautiful photos Laura, I love that sunlight! We’re the same with Max – we’ve had one hotel stay with him, which was last year around September I think, and it was horrendous! He just couldn’t stay put in his bed knowing that we were in the same room. But like you said, I think we just need to do it more often and know that the more we do it, the better he’ll get. It’s a scary prospect though!

  6. 10/03/2018 / 10:33

    Ah Hovis hill, I’ve always wanted to go there. Looks really steep though. Looks like you all had a great time.