Meet a Blogger – Life is Knutts…The Christmas Series!

Meet a Blogger – Life is Knutts…The Christmas Series!

There are so many brilliant bloggers out there and I thought it would be lovely to introduce you to some of my favourites. And with it being Christmas, what better way than with them sharing all things Christmas…

First we have the lovely Gemma, who blogs over at Life is Knutts. Gemma shares a lot of funny, crying with laughter posts, fabulous cocktail recipes and so much more. She never fails to make me laugh or get me making cocktails!

Here are Gemma’s answers to my Christmas questions…

1 – What is your favourite Christmas movie?

My favourite Christmas movie is Elf. I LOVE Will Ferrel who is the main character in it and it has just the right amount of humour and Christmas magic to make me want to watch it over and over again. My kids love it now too and we often sing the song from the beginning titles together whilst we get dressed for school in the mornings near Christmas time. Our favourite part is when he does the BIGGEST burp ever after necking an entire bottle of Coke. Burps are always funny. And farts. They’re funny too. Unless it’s a Brussel sprout fart…yuck!

2 – What is your favourite Christmas song?

My favourite Christmas song is, Christmas Time (don’t let the bells end) by the Darkness. We love rock music in our house and I like things that make me laugh. This song covers both of those bases. I do love my traditional songs too but my beloved Nan sadly passed away near Christmas a few years back (she loved Christmas) and I always get very sad when I listen to hymns or songs I know she loved so I tend to steer clear of those if I can and listen to more upbeat songs.

3 – Do you have any family traditions that you would like to share with us?

Hmmm. Christmas related family traditions… We don’t really have any out of the ordinary. We do go ‘en-mass’ and buy a real Christmas tree from our local Christmas Tree Farm with my parents every year. The boys love going with them and running up and down the rows of trees trying to search for the perfect one. The only other tradition is that all the men in our family (my dad, brother and husband) WILL fall asleep on the sofa by 5pm, if not before. Without fail.

4 – What is your favourite childhood memory of Christmas?

My favourite childhood memory of Christmas is always of spending it with my family. I feel very lucky that I have a very close one where we love to spend time together, especially for important occasions such as Christmas. I also have to tell you all about one Christmas when I was about 6 years old, I remember it very well. Me and my brother were opening presents and we both got given an extra one by my mum. We both opened them, full of excitement, only to find the box inside was a box of light bulbs. I think I just stared at mine in bemusement but my brother (being 4 years older than me and slightly more savvy) opened his and it was full of chocolate! Needless to say I swiftly opened mine up and had chocolate for breakfast (ah, yes! Another Christmas tradition of mine, selection box breakfast! Win!) It always makes me smile thinking of that moment.

5 – How will you be spending Christmas Day?

This year we are having Christmas at home with my parents and brother over. We usually alternate between our house and theirs but due to my parents having some building work/decorating done this year, we are at ours again. That’s cool though, it means the kids can play with their toys and things and we can do the hard work of cooking so my mum doesn’t have to. Though she inevitably has to help in some way, shape or form! She can never just sit down…


6 – Do you have any exciting plans leading up to Christmas?

We don’t have any hugely exciting plans in the run up to Christmas but we do have a few bits and bobs going on. We are off up to London (with the older two boys but in November) to see the Christmas lights and to see the new J.K. Rowling film at the iMax (I am soooo excited!) and we have our littlest one, Ben, doing his first ever Christmas play at preschool. It’s called, The Smallest Christmas Tree, and I am sure I will sit and sob through most of it! Myself and my husband also have an exciting night out (date night I suppose!) to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the o2 which will be smashing. Ok, so we are doing a bit of stuff that’s exciting now I have laid it out on paper… 😉

7 – What you are you hoping Father Christmas will bring you?

I am not really fussed about Christmas gifts for myself anymore. I get far more enjoyment from seeing my family and children open their gifts that I do opening my own. A cliche, but it really is true. That said, I love getting nice bits for the home that I wouldn’t normally be extravagant and buy, you know, those nice homely touches, and I also love a gift voucher. I know people have mixed feelings on them but I think they’re fab and as a stay at home mum, having some vouchers to do some ‘guilt free’ shopping is always a winner in my eyes.

8 – If you found some hidden presents, would you peek?

If I found hidden presents I definitely wouldn’t peek…anymore! I did as a child and I am scarred for life because of it so lesson learnt there! I must’ve been about 10 and I found a Pilot Pen set (a brand of pen) in my mums bedside table. I can’t remember if I was looking for something or if I was just being naughty and looking (probably the latter!) but I found them and then excitedly went and told my brother. He swore not to tell my mum but the little snitch did and she went mad at me and told me I wasn’t getting them for Christmas. I must have sobbed all evening after that. Thankfully, my mum is a forgiving type and 2 weeks later on Christmas day, she had wrapped them up for me. Naughty Gemma…and sod you Graham you tell-tale! Not that I bear a grudge… 😉

9 – What has been your highlight of 2016?

My highlight of 2016 has been going on holiday to the Isle of Skye with my family and finally seeing the Northern Lights. We were so lucky that the week we were there we saw them 4 nights out of 7 and it is something I will never forget. I hardly slept all holiday because of it, and I spent most nights bouncing between my parents bedroom, our bedroom to wake my husband and the kids room, shouting my head off at them at 2am in the morning to wake up because we could see them! I was more excited than a kid at Christmas! A magical moment that’s for sure. On that holiday we also saw Seals, Golden Eagles, Buzzards, more shooting stars than you could shake a stick at and dinosaur footprints on a beach. It truly is a remarkable little island and I will never forget that holiday.

10 – Do you make new year resolutions? Have you made any for 2017?

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions because I am incapable of keeping them, and then I just get angry with myself. I do feel more determined at the start of the year though, and oddly in September when the kids go back to school I feel the same, so I use the time to jot down plans and aims and I just try to get my head in the game for the few weeks ahead at least. My aim for 2017 will be to continue to enjoy writing and growing my blog and I hope my family and friends have a happy and healthy year. That to me, is the most important thing of all.
Merry Christmas everyone!
Now, where’s that Mulled wine? Oh, and maybe a minced pie with custard…
I told you she was a funny! Thanks Gemma, I would love to see the Northern Lights, sounds like you picked the perfect time to go. I hope you have a lovely Christmas with your family and thank you for taking part.
You can find Gemma over at Life is Knutts and follow her here…


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  1. 07/12/2016 / 09:13

    Oh this is a lovely interview! I’m so jealous that you saw the Northern lights, that is at the very top of my bucket list! I like the Christmas tradition of having chocolate for breakfast too!

  2. 07/12/2016 / 09:41

    A lovely list of questions and some great answers, I love the childhood memory. Spending it with family, isn’t that what we all want our kids to look back and say? #BloggerClubUK

  3. Mummy Times Two
    07/12/2016 / 12:19

    I loved this post, especially the part about the selection box breakfast! if it involves chocolate I am definitely in all the way!! I also totally agree about gift vouchers being built free shopping:-) #BloggerClubUK

  4. 07/12/2016 / 18:13

    Ah really enjoyed reading this it’s made me feel so excited for Christmas! I love Gems blog. Xx

  5. 08/12/2016 / 00:31

    I really enjoyed reading this interview, it’s nice to hear other peoples traditions and plans for christmas x

  6. 09/12/2016 / 12:11

    I love reading blogger interviews and I love Christmas so this post was always going to be a winner for me! Chocolate for breakfast on Xmas morning brings back fab memories 🙂
    Thanks for linking up to #BloggerClubUK