Meet a Blogger – Hot Pink Wellingtons…The Christmas Series!

Meet a Blogger – Hot Pink Wellingtons…The Christmas Series!

Normally on a Thursday I post my #SharingtheBlogLove linky, but Katy and I are having a break from it for a couple of weeks over Christmas. So, it only seemed right that instead I post my Meet a Blogger Interview from my lovely friend Katy.

I am so pleased to have Katy on my blog today, not only do we run our linky together, but we have met up a couple of times and she is just as lovely as I thought she would be. Katy blogs over at Hot Pink Wellingtons and I adore reading her blog. Katy shares all her adventures with Max, her love of her garden and some beauty posts too. I love that you never know what she is going to post next and with her recent announcement that baby number two is on it’s way, I can’t wait to read all about it.

Over to Katy with her answers to my Christmas questions…

1 – What is your favourite Christmas movie?

Ooh, a tough one to start with! Either A Muppets Christmas Carol, or Elf. I like my Christmas films to be feel good and a bit cheesy!

2 – What is your favourite Christmas song?

There’s something absolutely magical about O Holy Night, isn’t there? It sends shivers down my spine every time.

3 – Do you have any family traditions that you would like to share with us?

We start on Christmas Eve where we watch A Muppet’s Christmas Carol. This year I’ve bought a Christmas Eve box, which I’m going to fill with goodies for us – new pyjamas, popcorn, a Christmas film, and hot chocolate.

4 – What is your favourite childhood memory of Christmas?
The thing that always stays with me about Christmases as a child was getting together with extended family – aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, cousin’s grandparents, everyone together with not enough chairs for everyone to sit down. I have so many happy memories of playing party games together – there’s so much hilarity in mixing generations. I hope that a big and happy family is something that Max will enjoy as he grows up too.

5 – How will you be spending Christmas Day?

This year we are having a leisurely get up (a lie in would be lovely, but probably too much to hope for!) We’ll have breakfast at home (smoked salmon and scrambled eggs), and open our presents, and then head to my parents for Christmas lunch, along with my sister, brother in law, my nephew and my sister’s inlaws. It’ll be a full house, but that’s what Christmas is all about!



6 – Do you have any exciting plans leading up to Christmas?

On Christmas Eve we are taking Max on the steam train at The Watercress Line to meet Father Christmas. It’s something that I’ve always remembered from my own childhood and with Max’s love of trains I know it’ll be a big hit.

7 – What are you hoping Father Christmas will bring you?

Sadly my handbag broke earlier this year and I’m currently using my camera bag. I’d love to find a new handbag under the tree (or vouchers / money to choose my own would be equally welcome!)

8 – If you found some hidden presents, would you peek?

Totally! My sister used to go rooting through my parents’ bedroom every year and find all of our stocking fillers – it’s all part of Christmas for me!

9 – What has been your highlight of 2016?

My highlight of 2016 has been watching Max become more independent and start to make friends and develop relationships with people other than just me and his Dad. It’s been lovely to watch his bond with my parents develop, and all of a sudden it seems like he’s actually friends with his cousin, rather than a rival for whatever toy his cousin happens to be playing with at the time.

10 – Do you make new year resolutions? Have you made any for 2017?

I try to make just one new year’s resolution a year. In 2017 I’d really like to grow a thicker skin and not take things so personally. I’m not sure that’s the best goal, as it’s not very measurable, but it’s something I really need to work on.
We do the Christmas Eve box and my girls love it, I’m sure Max will too. I could really do with having the same goal as you, I think this is my biggest downfall at times. Thank you for taking part.
You can find Katy over at Hot Pink Wellingtons and follow her here…
Katy completes my Christmas Series of Meet a Blogger. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading what Christmas is like for them and maybe found some new bloggers to follow. I will be back in the New Year with some more bloggers for you to meet…


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  1. 22/12/2016 / 07:42

    Great interview and that sounds like a lovely, leisurely way to spend Christmas day. I hope 2017 is kind to you both Laura and Katy.

  2. 22/12/2016 / 22:17

    A lovely post – we have smoked salmon on our menu for Christmas morning!

    I have really enjoyed this series Laura. Well done lovely xx