Me and Mine A Family Project…November 2018

Me and Mine A Family Project…November 2018

November has been a lovely month, a very kind of ordinary month. There has been no big adventures at the weekends, just lots of lovely days out. Its been just the month that we’ve needed as we head into the busy festive period.

I’ve been finishing of the girls bedrooms and I’m so pleased with how they look. They love them too, which is really nice and it feels good to get them both done in time for Christmas.

I can’t believe that this weekend its two years since we moved into our home. On one hand it feels like we’ve only just moved here and on the other hand, it feels like we’ve always been here. We’re very settled here and we all love our home. I’m a real home person and love spending time at home.

As I wander around the house some days, I still can’t believe its ours and I’m loving every minute of doing all the interiors. Its my favourite thing ever. Andy is very good and runs with my ideas, even if I do get a few eye rolls from him. There isn’t much more we need to do around the house for the moment. I think this time next year, as the girls are older then the layout and how we use the rooms will change. But for now it is all lovely.

We’ve got a lovely month planned, starting with a trip to Centre Parcs this weekend to celebrate my mums birthday. It’s a special one and I can’t wait. Then we got some Christmas days out planned and we need to put our tree up. I love this time of year.

Our photos this month were taken on one of days out to Basildon Park. It was a spontaneous trip and it turned out to be a really trip out. The girls were in a fun, loving mood together and we stayed longer than we had planned to.

I hope you all have a lovely month with your friends and family.


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  1. 29/11/2018 / 21:59

    Ah such gorgeous photos! I am determined that I am going to join in with this next year. I said that this year, and the year before, but next year I really mean it. We have approximately 3 photos of us all together!