Me and Mine A Family Project…January 2019

Me and Mine A Family Project…January 2019

We’re finally at the end of what has felt like the longest month ever, I’m sure I say this every January. But it has also been a really lovely month for us a family. I love the slower pace that January brings, after the hustle and bustle of December.

When I look back in years to come at this little online space one of the things that I know I will be most grateful for is that I took so many family photos. There’s something so special about having photos of all us together to look back on, to see how our family changes and grows along the way. The little changes in us each month, and what life has been like for us. I will treasure them all.

The girls have settled back into school after the Christmas break and they’ve both been doing amazing, with them both coming home with certificates for different things. I love how excited they get and of course we’re very proud of them both.

Our weekends have been spent relaxing and doing things around the house. We’ve been enjoying slower starts to the days, as the weekdays are always such a rush. Having roast dinners and going for a nice walk in the afternoon. The girls are enjoying the chance to play with their toys at home, and getting to go out on their bikes and scooters.

We come home from our walk, and the girls are straight into their pyjamas. I make us a hot chocolate and we snuggle on the sofa. It’s these moments that I love the most.

I know that as the weather warms up, the weekends will naturally become busier and I’m enjoying this slower start to the year whilst we can.

Our photos this month were taken on our winter walks, they are just quick selfies that I took with my camera. As no one wants to be hanging around too long in the cold for a photo. What I do love about a selfie style photo, is that they always seem to make the girls laugh and seem more natural.

As we head into February, we’re counting the weeks down to half term. Andy has a couple of days off to be with us and it will be lovely to have him home too.



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