Me and Mine A Family Project…February 2019

Me and Mine A Family Project…February 2019

With January being quite possibly the longest month ever, February has just flown by. It was a lovely quiet month and is also one of my favourite months, as we have half term for a week. Any month with a school holiday in, is a brilliant month for me.

We had a lovely relaxed half term, we saw friends and family and did something every day. But not big days out, visits to soft play, the park and plenty of time at home too. It was the right balance for us.

Andy had one day off and we went swimming, which the girls really wanted to do and they loved it. I love that Alice is now big enough and brave enough to go on the flumes, it definitely makes it more fun for us too.

We were also treated to some gorgeous sunny weather, which is hard to imagine in February. It definitely makes life a lot easier and a little bit nicer when the sun shines.

What I love about half term is seeing the girls together, if its even possible they seem to become even closer during the holidays. To have so much time together, they just adore each other. I love the pattern they fall into and the little games that they play. Yes, they have the odd squabble, but I actually find the more time they spend together the less they do squabble.

It would’ve been nice if we could’ve had more time together as a whole family this month, but I will always be grateful that we get every weekend together. Andy has a week off during the Easter holidays and we can’t wait for that.

Our photos this month were taken on a walk. We had planned to have a day at home, but the sun was shinning and after lunch we decided to head out for a walk. It was a pretty steep hill we walked up, but the girls just took it in their stride and there was no moaning.

When we got to the top, the views were amazing and we sat and ate cookies as a treat. I love simple moments like this. Alice said how brilliant the hill would be for sledging, but it was a bit too steep for that! I wouldn’t fancy trying to climb it in the snow either.

We all look a bit wind swept in them, but look at us with no coats on when we got to the top!


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  1. 28/02/2019 / 08:05

    Those views are amazing! Such fabulous weather for February too. Your half term sounds perfect and glad you will have more family time together in Easter. I agree Feb has flown by! X

  2. 02/03/2019 / 08:12

    Looks like you had a fabulous half term…..gutted we missed all the nice weather though

  3. 02/03/2019 / 15:45

    You’ve got some beautiful photos. We have had lovely weather for walking haven’t we

  4. 02/03/2019 / 23:35

    Aww you’ve got some beautiful pictures. The views do look stunning and how nice to have coats off in February in the UK!