Me and Mine A Family Project…December 2018

Me and Mine A Family Project…December 2018

Just like that we’re saying goodbye to 2018. I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m sure the years speed up every year. I can still remember last Christmas so clearly, yet we’ve now ticked off another one.

2018 has been a year of more adventures for us. With Holly being older and dropping her nap, it has given us more freedom for days out, weekends away and more. Whilst I often look back and wish my girls were still babies, I do also love this stage we’re at.

We decided at the start of the year to try and crack Alice not being able to sleep very well when we stayed away from home, unless she had her own room. Which of course means trips away cost us more, and as a result we’ve not done very many. Our thoughts were if we made it more normal, she might get used to it. And I’m pleased to say it worked!

When looking at our family holiday, we decided to stay in the UK and save money. We used the money we would’ve spent if we went abroad to have more trips away throughout the year and we also brought new furniture for the house. It was the best decision we made.

I’m also really proud that thanks to my little blog, we’ve had more adventures than we could’ve hoped for. Being Merlin Ambassadors for the year, meant lots of brilliant days out and being Konfidence Ambassadors for the year, gave us a weekend trip to stay at the Cbeebies Hotel at Alton Towers. It was an amazing weekend and we even got to have splash landing pool all to ourselves 🙂

My blog also gave us our first experience of Glamping at Caalm Camp and a second one at Warwick Castle. We had the most amazing time in Jersey, which brought back lots of childhood memories for me. We took the girls to London for the weekend and can’t wait to go again.

It has been an amazing year for us as a family and it has meant that Alice is now more used to sleeping in either a family room or sharing a room with Holly. Which means that we can do more next year and I can’t wait.

We’ve also done lots to the house, with me decorating both the girls bedrooms over the last couple of months and I love them. Luckily they love them too and I will do some room tours next year to show you all.

This year has also had the biggest change of all, with Holly starting school and I now have two little school girls. I’ll be honest, I’m still getting used to this. Next year, I need to focus more on my blog and look at other options for me. Holly loves going to school with Alice, and knowing that she Alice there is a big comfort to me.

One of the things that I love about starting my blog is all the photos we have of the four of us. Before I started I think I had one photo and now I literally have so many, which I will cherish forever.

This year I remembered to take a photo of us all on Christmas day, it may just be a selfie, but I love it. We do seem to have become the family that does family selfies a lot! They are just quicker and easier to do and the girls seem to love them!

A couple of days before Christmas we also took some fun Christmas photos, which we also did last year and they are some of my favourite ones.

I can’t believe that I now have another 12 months of family photos to look back at and treasure forever.

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  1. So glad that Alice is now able to sleep better in family rooms or when sharing with Holly and that you have been able to enjoy so many adventures this year. Love the pre-Christmas shots where you’re just having lots of fun together and the Christmas Day selfie. I love the Me and Mine project for capturing those ordinary family moments – it does mean you get so many photos that you wouldn’t have captured otherwise. Wishing you all a happy new year and all the best for 2019 x