Me And Mine A Family Project…April 2018

Me And Mine A Family Project…April 2018

April will always be one of my favourite times of the year because we get the two week Easter holidays and I love having my girls home for 2 whole weeks. No routine, just us together and Andy always joins us for one week too, which we all love.

It was a month of lots of ordinary days at home and also our first family trip to Alton Towers, which we all loved. The girls especially loved Splash Landings and can’t wait to go back. I’ve mentioned it a few times on here now, but this is the year we’ve decide to throw caution to the wind with Alice being a pickle when we stay away from home, unless she is in her own bedroom. Which we only ever do on our main holiday.

So far it’s been a success and I don’t know if it’s because Alice is older, or I’m more relaxed about it or a combination of both. But I’m so pleased that we’re having more little adventures this year.

We are now fully back into the school routine and counting down the weeks to half term, which I know I will blink and it will be here. I can’t wait as we are going away with my parents for my birthday and the girls are very excited, as am I.

This month the weather has been crazy, going from sunshine to cold and rain within a few days of each other. It’s meant the bluebells are out a bit earlier than normal and we headed to our usual spot for some photos.

I love going back to the same place each year, I think you can really notice the difference in the girls (and us!). Alice that little bit older, little bit taller, but still with the same gorgeous grinning smile. Holly’s hair that little bit longer, the toddler in her all but gone, but still with that cheeky smile and saying ‘cheese’ all the time.

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  1. 30/04/2018 / 09:31

    Gorgeous photos! I’m the same, I love returning to the same spot and seeing how much everyone has changed – it makes you realise how quickly time goes by, but how much your children have achieved in that time. Absolutely adore that last shot of you with the girls, you all look so happy!

  2. 30/04/2018 / 10:33

    Beautiful photos in the Bluebells, lovely having that colour arriving after a long winter. I haven’t managed that one this year and I am bursting to get out there to capture them!

  3. 30/04/2018 / 11:32

    Gorgeous photos! I cannot wait to go to the bluebells which arent fully out here yet! darn weather. I agree though I love April for the mix of relaxed and the usual sunshine! xx

  4. 30/04/2018 / 13:30

    Ahh these are darling. Love the sweater just bought that myself we are twinsies. Loving the girls matching outfits too. Happy May ahead.

  5. 30/04/2018 / 13:33

    Such lovely pictures – I don’t know if the bluebells are out up here yet, I’ve not checked 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed Alton Towers, I think we might take the boys soon, before they’re too old to enjoy CBeebies Land. #MeAndMine

  6. 30/04/2018 / 22:36

    Beautiful Pics laura! It has been a weird month weather wise – hoping we get more of a Summer feel as May unwraps, but yes to the Easter hols too.. good times! x