Making My Life Easier With My Carry Potty…

Making My Life Easier With My Carry Potty…

There is something about potty training that makes me nervous. I think it’s the mess that it brings and that feeling of it being out of my control. There is only so much you can do to make someone use the potty or toilet, isn’t there?

I wrote recently about the start of our potty journey with Holly and that she is now showing a lot more signs that she is ready to try again. Which meant that last weekend we decided to go for it!

We didn’t have much going on this weekend and really we just need to get on with it. You could end up putting if off forever, which I was starting to do.

We were kindly sent a potty training pack from Cheeky Rascals which included everything we needed to hopefully make it easier for us and Holly.

We sat down to watch the DVD together and then we read the book. Whilst you can never really know for sure if any of it helps or not, it definitely got Holly excited about being a big girl and that is all you can ask for.

We put her chart up on the fridge, which she loved and couldn’t wait to get her first sticker.

She had to wait quite a while for that first one! The first morning did not go well and we had accident after accident. My husband was ready to give up at the first hurdle, until I reminded him that it took Alice until day four for it to all click into place and we had to be patient. He did agree and knew he was just wanting an easy life, sadly that doesn’t exist with kids.

We ploughed on!

Andy was taking the girls to see his parents and I sent them off with seven pairs of knickers and trousers, praying that he didn’t need them all and we would have some success.

One thing that I really nervous about and what was completely different to when I potty trained Alice, was going out and about. Alice was 2 and half years old when we potty trained her and Holly was only six months old. At this time my life was very different and I could easily stay home all week while we potty trained Alice.

With a nearly five year old, Alice doesn’t really want to spend a week of her summer holidays indoors and I think we would all go slightly mad if we did.

Thankfully Cheeky Rascals have come to my rescue with their My Carry Potty and this has made me less nervous about leaving the house.


We choose the ladybird My Carry Potty and Holly loved it straight away, calling it her Ladybird. She is also quite happy to carry it sometimes.

But, more importantly she is happy to sit on it and use it. Which just takes the pressure of me when we are out. I know that not all children are happy to just go to the toilet anywhere, but thankfully Holly doesn’t mind.

We’ve used it in lay bys, when we have pulled over in the car!

As you can see the My Carry Potty has a button at the front that you twist and it opens out flat. It’s really quick to do and in no time at all your child is sat on the potty.

When I potty trained Alice, I used to just take an actual potty out with me and when she used it I was then left with a potty full of wee and no where to put it. Which was never ideal.

I no longer have this problem with the My Carry Potty as it is complete leak proof. Meaning once Holly has finished I can just close it up and empty it when I can get to a toilet. It is completely hygienic too and there is no need for any bags.

It’s nice and compact too and fits in the basket of my pushchair nicely.

It’s so light to carry that even Alice is happy to carry it!

It really is the most portable potty that I’ve seen and even in the middle of the woods we didn’t have to worry!

Just having the My Carry Potty with us when we leave the house gives me the confidence to go out more with the girls while we potty train Holly. Yes, of course she has had accidents, but she is doing amazingly well and I’m sure in no time it will click.

But, I will still take the My Carry Potty with me for a while, as even once they’ve got it and the accidents become less. There are still so many times that we are at places where a toilet isn’t nearby.

You can buy the My Carry Potty from Cheeky Rascals, RRP £26.99. It comes in other designs and colours.

If you are about to start potty training I’ve written my tips to help you and you can also read about how I potty trained Alice!

Disclosure: We were sent our My Carry Potty to help us with our potty training journey and include in this post. All views and opinions are my own.


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  1. 02/08/2017 / 08:23

    This Potty looks absolutely wonderful!
    It looks really cute and fun – that in itself is going to make my little one want to sit on it over the boring old toilet and I am sure it wouldn’t just get used for when we are out and about where my little one is concerned 😉
    Love the fact you can just close it up and empty it when convenient. Great for when you’re in the car and things.
    Well done Holly on the potty training you clever girl, and well done Mummy. I completely understand the nerves you experience, I am the same. Like wee/poo roulette some days isn’t it 😉

  2. 02/08/2017 / 08:34

    I’m so pleased you got this – we love ours! It lives in our car still now, even though Max has been potty trained for ages now, as it’s just so useful to take out and about to places like big gardens, or picnic places where toilets are hard to find. For some reason I have the only boy in the world who won’t just wee in a forest, so it’s worked really well for us. And like you, I just love the reassurance of having it so that you can still go out and about without feeling constantly on edge. Well done Holly – it sounds like she’s doing really well!

  3. 02/08/2017 / 18:07

    Oh I love this! What a lovely design – we are huge fans of ladybirds so that would be a hit here. Potty training is hard when you’re out and about so this is perfect, and I love that you can close it back up and keep the contents safely inside! I could do with one like this for Harry, he’s still hit and miss when we are in the car and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve had to hold him over a grass verge! This would be ideal to avoid near misses!

  4. I love the sound of this. We’re in week 2 of potty training Sophie and it’s mostly going well but she’s quite reluctant to use big toilets when out and about. I think she’d be willing to try this though.