Lots of pretty things…..NEXT spring collection

I pull into the drive and my eyes light up at the sight of what can only be the latest NEXT catalogue delivered to my door. Does anyone else get excited at buying new clothes for their little ones? or is it just me?

My husband reminds me that it’s 2016 and we have the internet for shopping online…very funny!! Whilst I love to shop online and I confess I browse online most days. I still think you can’t beat making a nice cup of coffee and sitting down with the latest catalogue, picking out the bits that you love.

Well, the latest NEXT spring collection has not disappointed me, instead it will make me very broke! There are so many gorgeous outfits for my girls, the clothes this season are amazing and I have a feeling I will keep going back for more.

Here are a few of my favourites…

Alice, 3 years old, loves to wear dresses or anything that looks like a dress!!






Holly, 16 months, looks adorable in everything and isn’t old enough to tell me what she will or won’t wear!!






*This was not written in collaboration with NEXT, just sharing a few things that I love!



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