Living Arrows 35/52 {2017}

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

by Kahlil Gibran




Last week it was my little Holly’s third birthday. We had been away for a couple of days and took her to Peppa Pig World which she loved.

On her birthday we had a quiet day at home with my parents coming over for the day and we had a little birthday lunch. It was lovely to see Holly have her special day and she had a great time, which is all that matters. It was all a bit hectic as we were going on holiday the next day!

My photo of Alice this week is from our trip to Sir Harold Hillier Garden. We had a lovely day there, which I will be sharing with you soon. I love this photo of Alice on the swings.


Living Arrows


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  1. 28/08/2017 / 07:37

    Aww, Holly looks so happy with that massive balloon! And Alice seems to be concentrating very hard on something! #LivingArrows

  2. 28/08/2017 / 08:23

    Aww happy birthday Holly. Love that balloon #livingarrows

  3. 28/08/2017 / 09:30

    It’s not a birthday without a number balloon is it! Gorgeous photos xx

  4. 28/08/2017 / 21:14

    Happy birthday lovely girl!! I’m glad she had a great day #LivingArrows

  5. 01/09/2017 / 20:32

    I just realised that Holly is pretty much half Athena’s age now. I hope she had a wonderful Birthday xx

  6. 02/09/2017 / 10:56

    Love that picture of Holly with her huge balloon! And Alice looks like she’s really concentrating on that swing in her photo! x #LivingArrows

  7. 03/09/2017 / 13:18

    Aww I am so glad she had a great birthday and I hope you are having a lovely holiday. Both photos of the girls are lovely xx

  8. 03/09/2017 / 22:18

    Lovely pictures – I love Alice’s expression. And Happy Birthday Holly! Hope you had a fab holiday #LivingArrows