Living Arrows 21/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

by Kahlil Gibran


Last week we were on our family holiday in Portugal, its the first time we have been abroad since Holly arrived and I am pleased to say we survived it! We had a wonderful week and it was a well needed break for us all. It was really hot and we couldn’t have timed it better with the weather. Sadly it didn’t follow us home and we arrived home to rain.

Both my girls love the water and were in the pool every day. Alice is really confident and loved spending time with daddy, while he would throw her in the air. I really wanted to capture it on camera and whilst holding a wriggly Holly who was desperate to get down, I pressed the button and prayed I caught her…This is the result.


We have a sand pit at home and last summer Holly spent a lot of time in it, plus we had a few trips to the beach. So, whilst on holiday I didn’t think twice about going to the beach we had on the resort. But, to our surprise she wasn’t keen and the legs would come up every time we tried to put her down. Luckily she did overcome it and spent many happy times filling her bucket with sand to tip over herself. Here she is taking those first tentative steps…

Living Arrows 21:52



Living Arrows



  1. 23/05/2016 / 07:32

    I love that picture of Alice in mid air above the swimming pool! I love how the water is so calm and flat beneath her feet but you just know in less than a second there’s about to be an almighty splash. I’m glad Holly got over her fear of the sandy beach bless her xx

  2. 23/05/2016 / 09:38

    it looks and sounds like a fantastic trip to Portugal. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Angela from Days #Livingarrows

  3. 23/05/2016 / 09:49

    Oh what lovely photos! Alice looks like she’s walking on water! Fabulous 🙂

    • 23/05/2016 / 19:09

      I was so pleased when I looked back at it, I caught her just right! x

  4. 23/05/2016 / 10:31

    What a capture! It’s like she’s walking on water. Hope you had a wonderful holiday…. Sorry you had to return back to the rain! #livingarrows

    • 23/05/2016 / 19:09

      I was so pleased with it, she really does look like she is walking on water x

  5. 23/05/2016 / 22:19

    We are off to Portugal this Summer and can’t wait! Lovely photos #livingarrows

  6. Mommy's Little Princesses
    24/05/2016 / 06:53

    Fantastic captures of what looks like a wonderful holiday! How great is it that Holly overcame it.xx #livingarrows

  7. 25/05/2016 / 13:55

    Oh it looks gorgeous! We’re toying with the idea of going abroad, are we brave enough?! Glad it went well for you.

  8. 26/05/2016 / 14:29

    Well done on capturing the moment. It sounds like a wonderful time was had in Portugal. #livingarrows

  9. 28/05/2016 / 21:43

    I didn’t realise you’d been away! It looks like you had a great time! x

  10. 29/05/2016 / 07:29

    Sounds like you had a lovely time. I love that top photo, what great timing! #livingarrows

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