Living Arrows 20/52

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

by Kahlil Gibran


What happened to the sun last week? It was back to indoor activities for us. It has been a busy week getting us all ready for our holiday (Yay!). I just can’t believe how much we have to take for four people.

We headed to our one of favourite places to shelter from the rain, the gymnastics. Alice was amazing on the trampoline and really confident.

Living Arrows 20:52


Alice goes to ballet class each week and just loves it. When she first started over a year ago now, we did it together. Then her friends moved across to the class where they go in on their own and she wanted to join them (sob). But, I couldn’t be more prouder of her. The timing of the class is right at the end of Holly’s nap, so I normally take Holly to my parents house for a sleep. Alice does ballet, I blog and Holly sleeps…everyone is happy!

But, this week my parents are on holiday and that meant taking Holly with us. Luck was on my side and she went down for a nap a bit earlier, it was a bit of rush but we made it. The lesson is only thirty minutes long, but that can be a long time for a twenty month old.

However, Holly was an angel. We sat at the table in the cafe, I managed a hot cup of coffee and a sneaky Twix bar and Holly had her raisins and water. We did some stickers together and actually it was a real joy, she really is growing up so fast.



Living Arrows


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  1. 16/05/2016 / 08:47

    Love,y pictures of your gorgeous girls! It’s funny the little moments that make you realise they are growing up isn’t it? X

  2. 16/05/2016 / 13:08

    Ah looks like such fun. Baby wants to go to gymnastics now so I think we are going to give ballet a break x

  3. Mommy's Little Princesses
    17/05/2016 / 13:30

    Such sweet pictures of your gorgeous girlies. They grow up so very quickly don’t they.xx #livingarrows

  4. 18/05/2016 / 23:12

    Ah how lovely, ballet is so good for them. We don’t make it to ballet anymore because they changed the day of it to one we can’t do. They both miss it but especially Lia because Libby does other dance classes.

    • 22/05/2016 / 07:39

      Oh that’s a shame, its annoying when that happens! I have just signed Holly up to start in September, she will love it x

  5. 20/05/2016 / 20:28

    Often when LP is having her swimming lesson I love the half hour with Little Man, after the madness of getting her ready for swimming it’s nice to relax with T for a bit. I’ve never taken the children to gymnastics! x