Living Arrows 03/52 {2017}

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

by Kahlil Gibran

I’ve always loved to read and it’s still one of my favourite things to do. My girls are taking after me with their love of books. Alice is desperate to be able to read and she is doing really well. She can often be found with a book, telling the story or reading to her toys.

I managed to capture her without her knowing, deep in the story telling…

I’m not a big fan of soft play, but I know that they are every child’s dream. This weekend the girls were invited to a party at soft play and they squealed with delight. Of course I then spent my time wandering behind Holly, as she is not quite old enough to manage everything on her own. She loved it and we had a job to get her to leave!



Living Arrows


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  1. 16/01/2017 / 07:28

    Lovely photos. I think it’s important to get children around books early and part of their life x #livingarrows

  2. 16/01/2017 / 07:39

    Lovely. I love it when children sit and read. My two are exactly the same:) #LivingArrows

  3. 16/01/2017 / 08:15

    I think it’s so sweet when you catch them ‘reading’ or telling their toys a story. I sometimes catch Amy doing that and it always gets me all emotional. It’s such a lovely thing to see x #livingarrows

  4. 16/01/2017 / 08:15

    I think it’s so sweet when you catch them ‘reading’ or telling their toys a story. I sometimes catch Amy doing that and it always gets me all emotional. It’s such a lovely thing to see x #livingarrows

  5. 16/01/2017 / 08:55

    Beautiful pictures. I love seeing kids reading and your little one looks so brave #LivingArrows

  6. 16/01/2017 / 09:10

    I love children reading books, they’re so magical and versatile I really thing everyone should take some time out to read (says she who doesn’t)

    I am often found wandering behind a small person at soft play too!

  7. 16/01/2017 / 09:12

    Books are one of my children’s favourites too, i do love reading to them 😀

  8. Mommy's Little Princesses
    16/01/2017 / 09:18

    Gorgeous captures! Oh bless her Alice looks super sweet sat there lost in her book. We are big fans of reading too. Holly is also desperate to be able to read. Your Holly looks so cute wondering around soft play.xx #livingarrows

  9. 16/01/2017 / 10:41

    Gorgeous photos, I loved reading as a child, and I love reading to mine. xx

  10. 16/01/2017 / 10:57

    Aw my post is with books this week too! She looks so cute! x #livingarrows

  11. 16/01/2017 / 12:32

    I’m exactly the same, I LOVE reading and I really hope my two get into it too. I bet you were exhausted after soft play – I’m dreaming of the day I don’t have to go in too haha xx

  12. 16/01/2017 / 13:18

    That photo of Alice reading is so lovely – such a special moment captured. I’ve always loved reading, but sadly Max isn’t showing many signs of having inherited this from me! I’m doing my best to encourage it though. #livingarrows

  13. 16/01/2017 / 14:18

    Haha, I’m always the one who has to go into the soft play and follow my daughter around, those places aren’t quite designed for 6’4″ people like my husband! Love that top photo too, such a gorgeous moment to have captured. x #LivingArrows

  14. 16/01/2017 / 16:28

    I’m forever seen crawling around in softplay. I do love to go down the slide. Cute photos and love the one of her reading the story x

  15. 17/01/2017 / 13:34

    Soft play and books! Now that is a winning combination 🙂 Love the black and white x

  16. 17/01/2017 / 21:19

    I love seeing children reading books, gives me the warm and fuzzies!

  17. 18/01/2017 / 18:36

    Monkey is starting to learn too – it’s amazing how quickly they get the hang of it. It’s great she’s got the motivation … we could do with a little more here! I must admit I had forgotten all about the soft play with a little one. Not my favourite pass time either!

  18. this that everything
    19/01/2017 / 04:40

    Cute pics! My daughter loves reading too, a book is never far from her hands! Reading is so important – it teaches so much 🙂

  19. 19/01/2017 / 09:28

    Lovely photos from your week. Soft play is so much fun. Aw Sophia has always been so eager to read, its lovely your two have such a love for reading. Sophia enjoys reading to her brother in the evenings albeit a little slow still its a very special moment. xx

  20. 20/01/2017 / 19:11

    Ours loves a good book to, but what is it about indoor soft play? It is literally my idea of indoor hell but J loves it! #LivingArrows

  21. 21/01/2017 / 21:43

    Perfect, sitting so sweetly reading is a lovely moment to capture. Soft play is the devil! I hope you’ve had a lovely week #littleloves

  22. 22/01/2017 / 23:28

    That’s such a lovely picture of Alice – I love reading too (not that I get much chance these days!) and I really hope my two end up the same, the signs are looking good so far. I remember that period of soft play with Toby too – when they want to do everything but can’t quite manage it on their own. I’m looking forward to the day I can take both boys to soft play and just let them both loose on their own! #LivingArrows