Living Arrows 01/52 {2017}

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

by Kahlil Gibran


I’m really excited to be continuing with Living Arrows this year and to actually be starting from week one. I know that my girls, especially Holly , are going to change a lot in 2017 and I want to capture it all.

My photos for this week sum up our time between Christmas and New Year perfectly. A chance for us all to relax and enjoy our new home together. The girls have wanted to play with their new toys and it’s given Andy and I a chance to sort the house a bit more.

I’ve loved having both Andy and Alice home with us and I’m not ready for them to go back to work and school.

Here are my girls relaxing and having some much needed rest.



Living Arrows


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  1. 02/01/2017 / 08:42

    It’s such a stressful time of year isn’t it, all go go go. I love these shots of the girls Laura, I often forget to take photos when they’re just relaxing. But that’s everyday life and the moments I want to remember.

  2. 02/01/2017 / 15:18

    You have such cute children 🙂 and this is such a lovely way to be able to look back on how much they change in a year. It’s crazy how fast they grow up! Fin will be a teenager this year arghh…

    Stevie xx

  3. 02/01/2017 / 15:24

    I think it’s my favourite time of year between Christmas and New Year! So nice to relax and hibernate for a bit. Lovely! #LivingArrows

  4. 02/01/2017 / 19:08

    I love the week after Christmas – it’s so relaxed isn’t it and full of food and new toys! Lovely captures xx

  5. 02/01/2017 / 19:12

    Gorgeous photos – they just so perfectly sum up that time between Christmas and everything going back to normal!

  6. 02/01/2017 / 20:53

    I also love the week after Christmas, I am a bit gutted its over but I also can’t wait to get back into routine as I honestly have felt all over the place! Hope you’re enjoying your new home 🙂

  7. 02/01/2017 / 22:17

    It’s lovely having time together to play with new toys. Happy new year x #livingarrows

  8. 02/01/2017 / 23:11

    Oh I’m not ready for them to go back to school either. Is Alice going back Wednesday or does she have another few days? Fabulous photos and I look forward to seeing your girls growing up throughout the year.

    • 03/01/2017 / 20:19

      Alice is back Wednesday, which makes me so sad. I think Holly will change a lot this year! x

  9. 02/01/2017 / 23:40

    Oh your girls are so beautiful. Lovely captures, Laura x

  10. 02/01/2017 / 23:40

    Oh your girls are so beautiful. Lovely captures, Laura x #LivingArrows

  11. Mommy's Little Princesses
    03/01/2017 / 09:43

    They both look so cute just lying there relaxing! Happy New Year!xx #livingarrows

  12. Caroline Robinson
    03/01/2017 / 10:45

    These are lovely photos and show exactly what the Christmas break is all about, having a break! x #Livingarrows

  13. 03/01/2017 / 12:30

    Those little moments of relaxation are so much needed over the Christmas period. You have captured the quiet moments beautifully. #livingarrows

  14. 03/01/2017 / 13:30

    We all need a bit of resting time. We had a quite chilled out Christmas. #livingarrows

  15. 03/01/2017 / 20:03

    I am so pleased you’re joining in for another year – Holly is definitely going to change a lot this year! This is pretty much our Xmas to New Year time too – loads of PJ days, loads of relaxing, loads of just ‘being’! x

  16. 03/01/2017 / 21:21

    Capturing the ordinary moments like these is what I love about this linky – I can’t wait to see how your girls change over this year. It’s such a lovely thing to look back on.

  17. 04/01/2017 / 00:04

    so lovely to just spend time at home chilling sometimes. Fabulous! #livingarrows

  18. 04/01/2017 / 00:04

    so lovely to just spend time at home chilling sometimes. Fabulous! #livingarrows

  19. 05/01/2017 / 12:04

    Awww such cute photos. I find the return to ‘normal’ so difficult in January and always wish the Christmas holidays were a little bit longer. #LivingArrows

  20. 07/01/2017 / 20:59

    Congratulations on the new home! Lovely photos and there’s nothing like a bit of R&R after such a hectic time! xx

  21. 08/01/2017 / 21:54

    Nice to be able to relax isn’t it. I’ve been trying to make more effort!

  22. 08/01/2017 / 22:26

    Ooh congrats on the new home! It’s nice to just relax every once in a while and this time of year is perfect for that. Lovely photos #LivingArrows xx