My Little Star In Her First Nativity…The Ordinary Moments

My Little Star In Her First Nativity…The Ordinary Moments

Before you become a parent there are lots of moments that you don’t really think about and how emotional they can make you. I think one of these is a preschool nativity. The minute you are told what part they are going to play the emotions start.

When I was told that Holly was going to be a star in her preschool nativity I could feel myself getting choked up. I could immediately picture her on the stage in a little star outfit singing along and my heart just melted. I think it’s because they are just so little and that makes everything cute and adorable.

We had gone to the shop to buy her star costume, which I then had to hide as she wanted to keep wearing it and I didn’t want it ruined before the big day.

The weeks leading up to it we had sang the songs with her, Alice helping her learn the words. Every morning as we sat in the car to keep warm before school we would all sing together and Holly was soaking it up.

As we got closer to the day I started to recite her line to her and by the time the day arrived she could say her line. But would she say it when she was on the stage, that we would have to wait and see.

The night before I labelled up her costume, charged my camera and my thoughts went back to Alice’s first preschool nativity. Alice cried the morning of it, begging me not to take her to school, something that she had never done not even on her first day. Thankfully once Alice got there, she was fine and the show went ahead. Which was lucky as Alice was Mary, they may have noticed her absence!

Would Holly be the same, I didn’t think she would be and I was right. She woke up early at 5am and I did everything I could to get her back to sleep, as I knew she had a big day ahead of her. But I couldn’t. Why do they always do this on the days you really need them to have a good sleep?

She excitedly got dressed and then put on her star costume, I only managed to get it back off her because she couldn’t get her coat on with it on.

As we stood in the playground of Alice’s school she was telling everyone she was going to be a star in her play, she was just so excited and it was a completely different experience we had with Alice.

I then dropped Holly off, they were having a dress rehearsal before the parents came along later to watch the performance. I left a very happy little star playing with the lego.

I couldn’t wait to go back and see her. As the time came and we stood outside in the freezing cold waiting to go in, I was hoping that she would still be happily wearing her costume and that I would be greeted with a big smile.

As we took our seats and the curtain went back, I scanned the stage looking for her little face. It took me a while to find her as she was sat behind the angels. Bu then there she was and she spotted me and was waving. I then heard her say to her teacher, look its my mummy and daddy and my heart melted. It meant so much to her to have us there watching her and I will always be grateful that I’m able to go to these things.

She sang the songs and then the moment came for her to say her line, the microphone put up to her and then this little voice came out as she said her words. I couldn’t have been prouder of her.

There was a quick change of set and when the curtain went back again, I was pleased to see Holly was sat at the front and we had a great view of her.

Once it was finished and she came out to us, with the biggest smile and the best cuddles. I couldn’t have been more proud of my little star.

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  1. 10/12/2017 / 10:00

    Oh what an adorable star. I am reading lots about preschool plays at the moment, Lucas’ nursery isn’t doing one which is a shame x #ordinarymoments

  2. 10/12/2017 / 20:49

    It’s great to be able to go to these things isn’t it? And she looks so pleased as a star! #TheOrdinaryMoments

  3. 11/12/2017 / 11:56

    Such a precious little story that she’ll love to look back on and read when she’s older! So adorable!

  4. 11/12/2017 / 20:16

    Oh bless her! She makes the perfect star – you must be SO proud! I have Troy’s tomorrow and Athena’s on Wednesday! x

  5. 13/12/2017 / 15:03

    Ah look at her! It sounds like she did perfectly and its such a lovely thing to be able to go to isn’t it? #TheOrdinaryMoments

  6. 13/12/2017 / 22:23

    Oh how adorable! They are so tiny and yet they manage to pull together this little production. We didn’t have anything like that at nursery so when Monkey had his first last year I was so nervous for him. I remember sitting in the crowd thinking how lucky I was to be watching… #OrdinaryMoments

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