Liked and Loved March 2017

Liked and Loved March 2017

This year I am joining in with Stevie’s Liked and Loved linky. It’s a chance for me to look back at the month and share with you what I’ve liked and loved.

March has been a lovely month and we’ve seen some signs of Spring, which has been great. It’s also been a great month for getting the house sorted and it is so nearly all done.

Here is what I liked and loved in March…


As soon as I saw our new house and knew we were going to be buying it I set about looking for ways to style it. I love styling our house, it’s one of my favourite things to do. I really wanted to have shutters in our lounge and the front of the dining area, I think they look so beautiful. We ordered them just after Christmas and they take ages to make, but last week they were fitted and they were definitely worth the wait. I love them!

Family Time

My parents were in Australia for the whole of February and it was lovely to have them back. Not long after they returned, it was my dad’s birthday and we all went out for dinner. My brother and his family came too and it was lovely to have us all together again. The girls and my niece really missed them and it was the perfect chance to be all together.

New Stationery

I put my hand up I’m a stationery addict and I don’t mind admitting it. I love nothing better than a new notebook, a pen or sticky notes. If I spot something I love, I buy it even if I don’t need it. This month I saw this gorgeous range in Sainsbury’s and I loved it. I am in the process of sorting out a desk area for me to work in our spare room and I thought they would be perfect.

Proud Mummy Moment

Holly had her first Spring Concert at preschool last week and I could not have been prouder of her. She has only been going since January and only one morning a week, but she has settled in so well. To see her sat on the stage and singing was just lovely. I wrote more about this moment yesterday if you fancy a read.

The Garden

With some sunny days arriving in March we’ve managed to get out in our new garden for the first time. The girls loved to be back playing in their house, making me dinner. I love the layout of our house and garden, I can now just open the doors and the girls can run out there. If I need to pop to the kitchen for something I can still see them. I know we are going to have so much fun out there this summer.

First Homemade Mother’s Day Card

I remember the first Mother’s Day card that Alice made me and I still have it. It’s always a special moment when your child makes you that first card and it’s not one that daddy has brought, probably with the child not even with them! Holly came home from preschool on Thursday with her first made Mother’s Day card and she was so excited to give it to me. All the way home, she kept saying ‘I made it for you mummy, it has pretty flowers on it’. It melted my heart and is definitely one for my keepsake box.


I know I featured our hallway last month, but this month its the part by the stairs. We have a space between the under stairs cupboard and the stairs and I found the perfect plant to fit in there. It totally changed the look of the hallway and I also love my stairs basket. It’s so handy to pop all those bits in that need to go upstairs, then I just grab it on my way up and put everything away.

March you’ve teased us a bit with the sunny days and windy days. But I think you are going to end on a high as it looks like a sunny week for us. Hopefully it will stick around for April!

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  1. 27/03/2017 / 20:25

    Ooh I love the plant, it looks gorgeous and the perfect fit for that little space. I’m glad you’ve had a good month. I have to admit I’m a bit of a stationery fan too!

  2. 28/03/2017 / 13:32

    Your shutters are gorgeous, as is all of your house that I’ve seen so far! Love the stationery and really happy that you’ve had such a wonderful month.

    Thanks for joining in with #LikedandLoved lovely

    Stevie x

  3. 30/03/2017 / 18:18

    What lovely things you’ve experienced during the month. I particularly love the fact you have a keepsake box and do tell me is it just us ladies that understand that things are left at the bottom of the stairs ready to take up?

  4. 02/04/2017 / 22:32

    Oh bless, receiving your first ever home made mothers day card must have felt amazing. I too received one and my little heart burst with pride.

  5. 03/04/2017 / 21:09

    Ahhhh, I’m a sucker for pretty stationery! Sainsburys are really on it lately and I need to make myself walk straight past that aisle when I go in.

  6. 04/04/2017 / 11:14

    How sweet is that mother’s day card, I hope you had a lovely day with your girls. Your new house looks lovely, I adore the shutters xx

  7. 04/04/2017 / 12:11

    Oh wow I love those shutters!! Am going to show my husband, we are currently in the process of buying a house, and have been debating shutters or curtains in the lounge. Although need to actually move in first….love that stationery too, I’m also a stationery addict! #LikedandLoved