Learning With Clementoni Science Mind Designer…

Learning With Clementoni Science Mind Designer…

Alice loves learning, she has a very inquisitive mind and asks lots of questions about everything in her life. I’m always looking for new ideas and ways to make learning fun for her and to make it interesting.

We were recently sent the Clementoni Science Mind Designer and I was intrigued to see what it would be like and what Alice thought about it. We’ve never had a robot before and Alice was excited to get started.

The commands to use the robot are really easy to understand and it wasn’t long before Alice was getting to grips with it.

You can programme the robot either manually or by voice recognition. We tried the drawing programme and in the box you will find pens and A3 paper included for you to be able to start straight away.

You insert the pen and underneath the robot is a clear protection that you remove for the pen to work.

Alice then programmed the robot to make the lines that she wanted. Over time you get more used to it and it can draw with real accuracy.

Alice had great fun getting the robot to draw. It was easier to get the robot to move on a hard surface and I would recommend doing this for more accuracy.

Within the box is a board and it is double sided. On one side is the blue board and this is the escape room chart and you have to solve quests, using logical thinking to get the robot to do the required tasks and escape.

The first step is to collect the object that you are told to do and then take it to the correct robot. You are told which colour lines to avoid. To do this Alice had to manually programme a sequence of steps for the robot, using the buttons and then he does it.

It took Alice a few attempts to get to grips which button she had to press to get the robot to turn the way she wanted, but it wasn’t long before she did and the sense of achievement when she managed to do it was lovely to see.

On the other side is the yellow board and this was Alice’s favourite. The robot would give her numeracy questions that she would have to work out and then also programme the robot to move to the correct answer.

She is doing coding without even realising she is doing it.

The questions would be a combination of either a straight forward numeracy question or using the geometry images on the board, it would ask her questions around them and she would work out the answer.

It’s been a really fun way to get Alice doing numeracy in a different way. She has been enjoying doing it and I love it when learning is fun.

You can buy Clementoni Science Mind Designer RRP £49.99 from Smyths Toys. Age 6+. Also in the range is the Science in the Laboratory RRP £34.99

I can see that the Clementoni Science Mind Designer is going to be brilliant for Alice over the years and Holly when she is a bit older.

Disclosure: We were kindly sent our products in return for an honest review. All views, opinions and photos are my own.


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