Learning To Tell The Time With EasyRead Time Teacher…

I remember really struggling to learn to tell the time as a child and my Mum would spend hours teaching me. Alice is now at the age where she is starting to learn to tell the time, it is also part of her numeracy at school and she really wants to learn. Which is a big help.

I was recently contacted my EasyRead Time Teacher and asked if we would like to review their watches and when I looked at them, I thought they looked great for Alice. I wish they were around when I was younger.

Alice was very excited when she saw her watch and couldn’t wait to wear it and start using it.

There is two stages to telling the time and EasyRead Time Teacher have two versions of their watches for each stage.

The watch with the purple strap is the past and to watch, which you start with and then you progress onto the watch with the pink strap, which is the 24 hour watch.

It can be hard to teach someone to tell the time, but by using the watch I found it really easy to explain to Alice what she needed to do.

You read the number at the end of the long handle, then say which side the handle is on, ‘minutes to’ or ‘minutes past’ and then read the number at the end of the short hand.

Alice already understands how to tell the time when it’s half past or on the hour. It’s all the other times that she needed to learn and she quickly picked it up, using her watch. She said it’s comfortable to wear too.

Knowing that Alice is wearing her watch, I can randomly ask her what the time is throughout the day and she is learning without realising. My favourite kind.

Once they’ve grasped this method you can move onto stage 2 and the 24hour clock, this is normally when they reach age 8.

Telling the time is a life skill that everyone needs. Our whole lives are dedicated around time, we always need to be somewhere by a certain time and its important that we teach our children how to tell the time.

I’ve been really impressed with the EasyRead Time Teacher watch and Alice is really enjoying learning to tell the time with it.

The watches come in a range of different strap colours and are priced at £19.95. You can find the whole range here.

Disclosure: We were kindly sent our watches in return for an honest review. All views, opinions and photos are my own.


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  1. 11/12/2018 / 09:47

    What a clever watch – anything to help children learn the time is a winner because it is a skill that can be so tricky for them to grasp 🙂

  2. 11/12/2018 / 22:03

    These watches look brilliant, not least because I like the idea of being able to ask the girls what the time is and get a sensible answer! Great that Alice has picked it up so quickly.

  3. 11/12/2018 / 23:19

    I remember having something similar when I was young, it definitely helped me with learning to tell time

  4. 11/12/2018 / 23:46

    This is a clever watch. Both my children had similar ‘training’ watches, but not as good as these ones

  5. 13/12/2018 / 11:32

    I love the look of these watches. Perfect for Christmas gifting too xx

  6. 13/12/2018 / 21:58

    What a clever watch. This make it so much easier!

  7. 15/12/2018 / 08:03

    Sebby has this watch and it surprised me at how quickly he picked it up