Learning To Cook With Babease…

Learning To Cook With Babease…

I’m a typical mum cook, but it is something that I enjoy doing. I have moments of getting into a rut with what I cook, but then I have a shake up and find some new things to do each week.

When Alice was born and she headed towards the age where I was going to be weaning her I started to read a lot of books and websites. It can be quite a daunting time as a mum, you want to do the right thing for your child and I remember being worried that I was going to get it wrong. I decided to do a combination of puree and baby-led weaning and it seemed to work well for both Alice and I.

I lovingly made Alice’s food each week and I would pop it in the freezer so I had food for the week. Her first ever food was carrot and she pulled the cutest and funniest face. Funnily enough, Holly did just the same.

One thing that you quickly find out is that when you go out and about they no longer just need milk. If you are going to be out over meal time you need to think about what they are going to eat. In the early days I could just pop a banana and a fork in my bag and that it was sorted.

As they get more into the weaning journey they need more than that and I found taking a pouch out with me was the easiest option. You can just pop the food into a bowl and you are ready to start feeding your baby.

What I did notice was that in the early stages of weaning, the majority of pouches were fruit combinations. Whilst these are great and good to introduce your baby too, it’s also really good to introduce them to plenty of vegetables too.

Babease is a relatively new baby food brand and they have a real desire to support parents and give babies food that they would be happy to eat themselves. To make tasty food packed with ingredients that include foods that are not normally seen in the baby food market.

Babease invited me along to a cooking session, along with some other bloggers and mum’s. Tom the founder of Babease is a chef and he was going to show us how to cook a gorgeous meal for your family. We arrived at Cactus Kitchens in London, which is where they film Saturday Kitchen Live and I got to see the set. Then we headed upstairs and were greeted with a cocktail and some delicious canapés.

I had arrived with the lovely Donna and she wasted no time in sampling the canapés. Tom joined us and it was really interesting listening to his background and how Babease came about. Once everyone had arrived, including Clare, who I was really pleased to meet. We went to the kitchen and Tom started to show us how to cook the main meal of Pumpkin and Chickpea Keralan Curry. I really enjoyed getting some good tips and advice.

It was then our turn and I was relieved that we could go in pairs! Donna and I set to work, with Donna on chopping duty and I was putting it all in the pot and making sure it didn’t burn.

Once the curry was simmering along nicely, it was time for Tom to show us how to make On the go cheese and onion muffins. Once back at our cooking area, it was quite amusing trying to remember what ingredients Tom had put in and in which order. Ours was very dry and then we discovered that Tom had forgotten to add the oil into his and this is what we were missing. Oops! Once the oil was in, it looked a lot better. We then popped them in the oven.

Tom then showed us how to make pea fritters, these are great finger food for children and Tom even suggested that they make a great brunch idea for the whole family. I think Andy may disagree with this!

Back at our cooking station they had all the ingredients out ready for us and basically Donna and I popped it all into the blender. This included us adding the yoghurt, because as far as we were concerned if it was there in a bowl it had to go in. When Tom came over he took one look at ours in the blender and said ‘Have you added the yoghurt?’, we nervously replied ‘yes’! It turns out that the yoghurt was for the dip to go with the pea fritters….

Anyway we carried on and Tom was so intrigued as to what they would look like, he kept popping back over. He even got to taste one later and admitted they tasted very nice (I’m expecting to see them on the shelves soon!).

Once we finished we headed downstairs to enjoy the lovely meal that we had lovingly made. They served up a delicious salad to go with it too.

There was also a rather spectacular chocolate beetroot cake that they had made too, but I didn’t get to have a taste (sad times!).

I had such a lovely evening with everyone from Babease. Hearing Tom talk so passionately about food and where he wants to take Babease was like a breath of fresh air. I know that if I was about to start my girls on their weaning journey I would have loved to have a few Babease pouches in my cupboard.

They currently have pouches for stage one and two of weaning and you can buy them directly from Babease. Or you can find them in Tesco, Boots, Ocado and many more.

I know that they are really tasty because Donna got a bit hungry waiting for dinner and tried one…she said it tasted like a roast dinner. That sounds good to me…

Disclosure: I was invited to attend the cookery class and I was compensated for my time. All views are my own.


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  1. 25/03/2017 / 20:01

    Ah it’s me! I had such a lovely time and Babease were lovely! So great to catch up with you too x

  2. 25/03/2017 / 20:05

    Ha it sounds like you and Donna had a really good time! I’m a bit jealous, two of my favourite bloggy friends hanging out – could you both move a bit closer please?

    Stevie xx

  3. 31/03/2017 / 13:08

    It was lovely to finally meet you too :). Its funny this blogging world isn’t it, you make some great friends but get very few chances to actually meet in person. What a great event too, Hubby’s even let me loose in the kitchen since!! xx