Lapland UK Through The Eyes Of A 5 Year Old…

Lapland UK Through The Eyes Of A 5 Year Old…

Last year we had the most magical day at Lapland UK, it was a day that both the girls and Andy and I talked about throughout the year. It really has lodged a place in our memories and I know it’s a day that we will remember for a long time.

We were kindly invited back this year and with the girls being a year older, I was really excited to go again. This year Alice loves taking photos, being on the camera and I thought it would be lovely for you to hear what she thought of Lapland UK, not just my thoughts.

Our trip to Lapland UK by Alice…

On a normal Saturday morning, I put my shoes and coat on along with my little sister and we stood waiting by the door for mummy to run around like a crazy person, packing the bag and getting her own shoes and coat on. I was wishing she would hurry up as I wanted to get to the cafe for a hot chocolate and cake.

It was finally time to leave the house and as we opened the door I quickly spotted a box on the floor. As I can now read, I could see it said Lapland on it. The biggest smile appeared on my face as I squealed at mummy and daddy look we have something from Lapland.

I secretly wished it was a letter from Father Christmas asking me to go and help him again, I had lots of fun last year. Please please let it be that! We went back inside for me to open the box and inside were two letters one for Holly and one for me. Mummy read them to us and Holly just kept saying ‘wow’. My wish had come true and we were going to Lapland next weekend. I couldn’t wait.

The day finally arrived and we left early one morning, daddy had to scrap the ice of the car and mummy kept saying I wonder if the snow is on it’s way. Holly and I sat excitedly in the back and we were off. As we got closer there was snow everywhere and I knew we would soon be arriving, I was so excited.

It was snowing when we arrived, which didn’t happen last year and I have not seen it properly snow before. Thankfully mummy was prepared with my hat, gloves and scarf. Holly just wanted to build a snowman, but I told her we had no time now we have an important job to do.

Mummy checked us in and Holly and I were given our elf passports, along with some elf jingles. As you can’t use normal money in Lapland. We were in team Husky and Holly and I got a pin badge with Wish on it, who the lady said we would meet later. How exciting is that!

A funny little man then appeared and after he talked, did some funny dancing and asked us if we want the big folk to come with us. I did think about leaving mummy and daddy behind, but I know how much mummy loves Christmas 🙂

We walked through lots of twinkly lights to the enchanted forest, where we met the gatekeeper to Lapland and his helper. They got us to do some funny dance, which I made daddy do too.

The door to Lapland then opened and we headed out into the snow. There was lots of mud everywhere from all the rain and I could tell mummy was pleased we were wearing our boots. We arrived at the toy factory and it was just as I remembered it from last year. Holly and I sat at the bench together and I couldn’t wait to see what we would be making for the children this year.

Conker the crazy elf was there, he makes me laugh and then Wish arrived and she was just as pretty as she is on my pin badge. The phone rang and it was Father Christmas, how exciting, he wanted us to make Polar Bears.

Cuddly toys are my favourite thing in the whole world and I can see why lots of boys and girls have put these on their Christmas list, they are so cute.

Mummy helped me put the legs in and I had an elf prodder I think that’s Conker called it, to push them right in. There was a cute little baby polar bear too and I carefully wrapped his scarf around him.

My little sister wouldn’t stop cuddling hers. I proudly carried my finished Polar Bears to Conker and he gave me a sticker. I also got a stamp in my passport. If I get all the stamps, then I’m going to get a golden bell, just like all the elf have on their hats. Apart from Conker, the silly elf, who hasn’t earned his yet.

It was then time to go and see Mother Christmas and I wondered what we would be decorating this year. I knew it would be gingerbread as that it Father Christmas’s favourite.

Holly and I went and sat in the middle to listen to Mother Christmas and her helpers. They sang us some songs and told us we would be decorating a Christmas Tree. Holly and I went and stood at a table, we popped our aprons on. This is my favourite part of the day, putting all the sweets onto my tree. There is always some left over that I get to eat.

Once I had finished I got a stamp in my passport and we went and sat back in the middle. Holly and I were chosen to go and ring the bell, which told all the other boys and girls it was time to finish. How lucky were we!

Mother Christmas then read us a story and I spotted that mummy and daddy got to have a gingerbread biscuit, I bet they didn’t save any for me.

We got all our stamps in our passport, which meant we had earned our golden bell. I couldn’t wait to get mine.

We then headed to the Elf Village, I was quite cold by this point and hungry, mummy agreed and we headed to the restaurant for a hot chocolate and cake.

It was still snowing and mummy asked me if I wanted to go ice skating. I really loved it last year, but it wasn’t under cover and I didn’t want to get wet and cold and I decided not to have a go this time.

I’m really lucky to be here with my family, it’s a magical place and my little sister loved it too.

We went to the shop where we could show the elf our passport and collect our golden bell. This was really exciting as we didn’t get to have one last year.

I then begged mummy to take us to the Post Office next as I couldn’t wait to write my letter to Father Christmas. I knew exactly what I wanted to ask for, as mummy helped with the spelling to get it right. Daddy helped Holly with her’s, as she can’t write yet.

The lady stamped it for us and we posted our letters in the post box. I hope it arrives safely.

Mummy wanted to look around Mrs Bauble’s shop, I’m sure it was just to warm up her feet. They had lots of pretty pink baubles in the shop, when I’m older my whole tree is going to be pink.

Mummy likes the ones that mean something and are memories. I’m not really sure what she means…

There were some Husky’s that we could stroke, but I’m a little bit scared of dogs and didn’t want to have a go. Daddy did and he said they were soft like a teddy bear. Maybe next time I will be braver.

Before it was time for us to go and see Father Christmas, we just had time to go to the best shop in the village. The sweet shop! There was lots to choose from and Holly and I decided to have pic n mix, our favourite.

It was finally our turn to go and see Father Christmas. We headed down a snowy path and arrived at a cabin. I sat down with daddy and Holly, while mummy let them know we were here.

An elf then called our names and she took us outside and through the woods to Father Christmas’s house. We sat outside until he was ready and then in we went. I thought my little sister might be scared and want to sit with daddy like she did last year. But she was brave and sat with me straight away.

Father Christmas was chatting to her and she asked him if he had skates, which made him laugh. She said she saw them outside his front door, nothing gets passed Holly. He knew all about Holly’s nativity play and my wobbly tooth. He is going to let the tooth fairy know I’m nearly ready for a visit.

He then looked inside his big book to see if we had made it onto the good list and there was our actual names on the list. All that hard work at being good was worth it. Father Christmas asked what we would like for Christmas and made sure we had written our letters.

Father Christmas said he had a little present for us now and out came a husky dog from his sack. Holly said I have one of those at home, as we got the same husky dog last year. It would’ve been nice to have a different one, even just a different colour. But I will love it anyway and now I have twins.

Mummy and Daddy then joined us for a photo, I knew this would make mummy happy as she loves photos of us all together.

It was then time to say goodbye to Father Christmas and Lapland. As we walked to the car it was snowing and I heard mummy say how perfect it was and she was right.

We made a video of our day together at Lapland UK…

Find out more about Lapland UK and to book tickets here.

Disclosure: We were kindly invited by Lapland UK to spend the day with them. All views, photos and opinions are Alice’s and mine.



  1. 15/12/2017 / 12:02

    Awww this looks like such an AMAZING experience. I’m considering bringing my kids over next year. I love how it’s formatted with stamps and getting a bell. The gift from Santa is really lovely. It would be a good idea to have a different soft toy each year though, she has a point. The whole experience looks like pure magic.

  2. 15/12/2017 / 12:37

    This looks utterly incredible, somewhere we definitely need to try and visit in the future.

  3. Hannah | MakeDo&Push
    15/12/2017 / 22:44

    Oh my goodness! It looks incredible! It’s on my bucket list for 2018!! xx

  4. 16/12/2017 / 23:10

    How fabulous that it snowed whilst you were there, I bet that made it all extra beautiful. It looks like such a great day out for little ones, I am sad that mine say they are too old now. It all looks really authentic and well done. Mich x

  5. 17/12/2017 / 10:37

    Ahh what a gorgeous time you had there! I love reading about it through Alice’s eyes, I bet she just couldn’t believe how perfect it was when it actually snowed too!! Such lovely photos, and I love your video too!

  6. 17/12/2017 / 22:49

    This looks like an absolute wonder land! Everything seems so special, I really love that they got to decorate those little biscuits – too cute. I’d love to take Luisa when she’s older, I shall put it on the list!

  7. 18/12/2017 / 09:39

    Oh my goodness I am SO jealous! Lapland is a place I’ve always always wanted to go! Some family friends have just got back from their trip and they can’t stop talking about it! Fab idea to have the post written through Alice’s eyes, really enjoyed reading and will enjoy watching the vid too xx

  8. 19/12/2017 / 10:54

    Wow this looks amazing, definitely on our list of places to visit in 2018 #SharingtheBlogLove

  9. 19/12/2017 / 20:59

    I loved reading this through Alice’s eyes – Lapland UK sounds amazing. I will definitely have to take my girls one day – it looks so magical, especially with the snow! Great pictures.

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