She Just Loves A Nap…The Ordinary Moments

She Just Loves A Nap…The Ordinary Moments

When Alice turned two years old her naps started to be a bit tricky, she rebelled against them for a while and it was not an easy time. I was heavily pregnant with Holly and I knew that I would need nap time to survive those early newborn days.

10 days later and Holly arrived. I did everything I could to get Alice to have a nap and we bumbled through it until she was 2 years 9 months old. Then it was goodbye nap time and I actually didn’t mind. By this time Holly was 9 months old and was in a regular nap pattern and it meant that whilst Holly napped I could have some time with Alice.

When Holly turned two there was no sign of her even thinking about dropping her nap and this carried on until her third birthday earlier this year in August. I was sure that as she turned 3 years old it would be time to say goodbye to nap time. I was prepared for it, I mourned it and I thought about all the positive things this would mean.

But Holly had other ideas, we are now 3 months after her third birthday and this little lady still loves a nap. She still needs a nap. There have been days where she hasn’t wanted a nap or after 30 minutes of lying in bed chatting to herself she decides she doesn’t want to sleep. And that is all fine. Just having a rest is sometimes enough for her.

I have wondered if I should start weaning her off having a nap. But there are still a lot of days where she really needs it, she gets a bit emotional around nap time when she is overtired and we all know its time to bundle her into bed. I also think that whilst it’s not affecting her sleep at bedtime, she goes down easily and is asleep by 7.30pm, then it’s not doing her any harm.

For now on the days she needs a nap, she toddles of to bed, kisses me goodnight and tells me she will see me in the morning. I don’t like to tell her it will still be the same day when she wakes up! And on the days that she doesn’t need a nap, then we get to have quiet time instead. Where we put a movie on, normally The Trolls or Paw Patrol, snuggle on the sofa and I cherish those moments.

I’m sure over the next few months as we edge towards her 4th birthday, the naps will become less and the sofa snuggles will become more and I won’t be complaining.

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  1. 12/11/2017 / 09:18

    I thought Max would never drop it! But in the last two weeks it’s suddenly gone. 3 and 6 months – he held on in there! We’re all about the snuggles too though, I love them!

  2. 13/11/2017 / 10:06

    Both of mine still nap. My eldest is now 3 and doesn’t want to go for a nap, but he definitely still needs one. My youngest is 2 and has already started dropping his afternoon nap, but he doesn’t need it anymore. I think it’s important to adapt to each child individually.

  3. 13/11/2017 / 13:52

    Ah let her nap as long as she wants to nap. I am totally jealous – my two haven’t napped for years! x

  4. 13/11/2017 / 15:03

    I have to agree with her, I love a good nap too! Ava stopped napping before the summer holidays, and oddly has started again, but usually on she naps on my back in her carrier whilst we are on the school run, which means no nap time break for me! Its crazy though how fast they grow and things change isn’t it? I had a two-year gap between my other two children, and I completely understand what you mean about trying to do everything you could to get Alice to nap, I was exactly the same!

  5. 14/11/2017 / 10:39

    It is so lovely that she stills naps and that she is confident to know that she wants it too, it sounds like she will change this up when she is ready. (and of course I am a little envious too, do you think she can have a talk with Roma haha) #TheOrdinaryMoments