I Only Have A Year Left…

I Only Have A Year Left…

Today Alice went back to school after a brilliant summer making so many wonderful memories. But as I walked out of the playground with Holly’s hand in mine, my thoughts went to this time next year when it will be Holly’s first day at school. When I will have two little school girls and I will be leaving the playground without a little person with me.

When Alice started school and in the months leading up to it, I felt that she was ready for school and even though she is a summer baby and when she went on all her trial days she was still only three years old which seems really little. She didn’t feel little. Which I know sounds strange.

But, Alice is a girl with what people would say has an old head on young shoulders. She is wise beyond her years and whilst I’m not saying that Holly isn’t she is just different in her own way.

I adore having Holly home with me, she is my easy child. Nothing ever really phases her and she is just happy and content playing with her toys. We go off the shops together and I don’t have a battle with her getting into the pushchair, but I’m sure my pushchairs days are nearly over. But still she is happy in there.

We go to the coffee shop and she will do some colouring and have a glass of milk and a biscuit. We have ballet classes and swimming lessons, which we love to do together. Well I don’t like going in the pool that much, but that’s because after 5 years of doing it I’m looking forward to the day Holly can go in on her own.

She is my little sidekick and we come home, have lunch together and then she has a nap (yes, she still loves a nap!). Before it’s time to go and pick up Alice.

When Holly was born, Alice had turned two, 10 days before and I had both girls home with me every day for 6 months. Alice then started preschool for 2 mornings and I had this time with just Holly. But since Alice started school last September, it felt like this was Holly’s time to have me to herself. Just like Alice did before Holly arrived.

And, well I’m just not ready to give that up.

I have a year to go until that day will arrive and I’m going to cherish every single day. Even the ones where I’m tired and I moan that I need some time to myself. Because the truth is, I know this year will race by and then I will have time to myself whether I like it not.

If only we could press pause now, I adore the ages my girls are right now and if I could keep at these ages then I would. I just need to find some magic dust to make my wish come true…


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  1. 06/09/2017 / 23:04

    Yes, I feel just the same. It’s scary to think that we will soon have two children in school, where did that time go??