Holly’s Sports Day at Preschool…

Holly’s Sports Day at Preschool…

On Friday Holly had her last sports day at preschool and it was the cutest day. We was very excited about it, as she had been practising in the week and I dropped her off at 9am in the shorts and t-shirt.

Later that morning Andy and I went along to watch. There is always a picnic afterwards and we laid out our picnic blanket ready to watch her. As they all walked out, their little faces all turned looking and searching for the person that had come to watch them.

It took Holly a bit of time to spot us, but once she did the biggest smile came across her face and she was so excited to see us. She spent the whole time waving at us and telling her friends her mummy and daddy were here. It was just the cutest.

They were in teams and Holly waited patiently for her turn, you could tell they had been practising because they all knew what to do, which is pretty impressive for 3 and 4 year olds.

When it was her turn, up she jumped, gave us a quick wave and then got on her spot. They did an obstacle course, a potato and spoon race and a running race. Holly is the runner out of my girls and she was quick. But she was more worried about waving at us!

After they had all finished they had mummy and daddy races, which both Andy and I did. I really didn’t want to, but then I reminded myself how much it would mean for Holly to see us to do it.

Once all the races had finished they had a leavers presentation for all the little ones leaving this summer to start big school in September. They all sat on the mat and sang us a song they had been learning. Holly sang loud and proud, as she had been practising a lot at home. They were each given a certificate and it was very cute.

Then is was picnic time and we all enjoyed a picnic together and Holly was chatting away telling us everything she had done. Like we hadn’t seen her do it, aren’t they funny!

It was a lovely morning and yes, there were a few moments that I couldn’t believe this was her last preschool sports day. It only seems like yesterday we were sat there for last years sports day. Where has my baby gone.


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  1. Hannah | MakeDo&Push
    11/07/2018 / 12:14

    It sounds like such a lovely morning 🙂 It’s scary how quickly it all goes isn’t it? H starts pre-school in September and B is going into Year 1… I don’t feel ready! xx

  2. 11/07/2018 / 12:27

    Aww bless her, yes we had the last preschool sports day a few weeks ago too, so sad! I’m glad Holly enjoyed herself and I agree with you about taking part in the parents race. Although, Lia wasn’t disappointed in herself for not winning but I was a massive disappointment for not winning the mum’s race!

  3. 11/07/2018 / 17:49

    My daughters was a few weeks ago. It’s lovely too see them have fun with a bit of healthy competition cheering their teams on. Holly looks like she had a wonderful time!

  4. 12/07/2018 / 08:08

    Ahhh that’s so cute! I can’t wait for pickle to have a sports day 🙂

  5. 12/07/2018 / 08:57

    Awww this sounds lovely. We sadly missed my daughter’s nursery sports day as we were away. But I can’t wait to go to her first school one next year

  6. 12/07/2018 / 21:40

    I love sports days! I get very loud though I think that joy turned into a little bit of embarrassment as they’ve grown older! Lovely little post honey I’m so glad you enjoyed it ❤️❤️

  7. 13/07/2018 / 17:53

    Way too cute and I use to love sports day. Homeschooling now though means everyday is a competition between my girls!!