Holly…Twenty Two Months

Holly…Twenty Two Months

I just don’t know where this month has gone, it only seems like yesterday we had returned from Portugal and you turned twenty one months.

In a month that has brought sadness to our family, you have been my little ray of light. You are such a happy little girl that you make everyone smile when they are around you. You and your sister have got me through the last couple of weeks, more than you will ever know.


You are becoming a little chatterbox, just like your sister and I love hearing your little voice. I think my favourite is “where daddy gone”… It still amazes how well you speak at this age and it is definitely easier now we understand each other.

Playing with your babies is still your favourite thing to do and you are so loving to them, it’s beautiful to watch.

And of course your sister is still your favourite person, when you are reunited you literally run to her saying “miss you Alice”, its so cute. I do wonder how you will cope when she is at school everyday and that day is approaching fast.


You two really are chalk and cheese, which I just love, but you compliment each other perfectly. I adore watching you two together.

We have seen a little bit of progress with your food at dinner time, you are now eating chicken pie and pasta. Thankfully not together! I know you will get there eventually and luckily you love breakfast and lunch.

The second you are outside you are off and quite often you don’t look back for mummy, knowing that I will never be far behind. But inside, when you are around people that you don’t know you cling to me as if your life depended on it. Then you gradually warm up and detach yourself from me, usually about five minutes before we have to leave.


As I start planning your birthday party with your sister I look at you and think back to when you were my little baby in my arms. You are my last baby and it really has gone far too quickly. But, then I am also loving getting to know you so much, your character shines through…




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  1. 29/06/2016 / 08:42

    Oh this is such a lovely post. I adore this age, where they interact so much more with their siblings and develop so quickly. It’s great watching them form their little personalities.

  2. Dean of Little Steps
    29/06/2016 / 10:23

    They certainly grow up so fast! Love the third photo and the way she was looking at her big sister. It’s obvious that they have a strong bond 🙂 So adorable. x

  3. 29/06/2016 / 13:21

    Gorgeous post – it’s so lovely when they start interacting on this level!

  4. Alice Mills
    29/06/2016 / 16:11

    Oh such a lovely post! It really does go quickly! I’m only on baby number 1, but he is nearly 9 months old and seems less and less like a baby every day! You are so right, you get torn between wanting to keep them small, but seeing their personality develop is just wonderful! Love getting to know this new character in our house!

  5. 29/06/2016 / 20:26

    That is so lovely. It’s my perfect age gap. Lovely that your daughters get on so well. Smiley post #bloggerclubUK

  6. 29/06/2016 / 20:58

    Oh this is the cutest post! Your daughter is gorgeous and this is such a lovely age when their little characters are coming alive. Enjoy every moment!

  7. 29/06/2016 / 22:16

    My little boy was 22 months old the other day too, can’t believe they are almost two! She sounds like such a lovely little girl xx

  8. 30/06/2016 / 00:42

    Aww how cute! My youngest is also 22 months, & also a fan of ‘where’s daddy gone?’ & being fussy about dinner. She clings to me around strangers too! Also only planning to have two & it does go so fast – she’s growing up really quickly! (Lucy/R is for Hoppit)

  9. This is so lovely – and gorgeous that your girls have such a close bond. I always feel very unsure / nervous about the thought of having a 2nd, but reading about other people’s siblings and how much they adore each other encourages me! #sharingthebloglove

  10. 30/06/2016 / 12:11

    What a lovely post! My little girl is only 16 months old but I am already amazed by how much she has grown up and how different she is from that little baby she once was. It’s lovely that she adores her sister so much – I hope my second will adore Bo just as much! x

  11. 30/06/2016 / 17:59

    Awww Holly is so cute! And the girls look so happy together. The time really does fly. She will be turning 2 soon! I’m sorry to hear it was a sad month, I hope all is ok. Thanks so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK

  12. 30/06/2016 / 21:51

    It is such a lovely age as they start to explore their world more. They grow up so quickly! She is such a cutie and I hope she has a lovely birthday when the time comes xxx

  13. 30/06/2016 / 23:18

    Time just flies when your having fun doesnt it? I cant believe how quick kids grow up!

  14. 02/07/2016 / 12:32

    Children really do get us through tough times don’t they