Holly…Twenty Months

Holly…Twenty Months

My beautiful Holly how is it possible that in four months time you will be two. It seems like only yesterday you were a baby in my arms, but it also feels like you have always been here.

When I look at you, I can’t help but look back at when Alice was the age. It’s hard to believe that I was pregnant with you then, Alice seemed so grown up at the time, but really she was just a little toddler, like you are now.

Your speech has come on so much this month, it wasn’t that long along you said your first words, but now you are saying new words every day. A lot of them are so clear and everyone know’s what you are saying. We still get the frustrating moments when you are trying to tell me something, but they are becoming fewer.


You are my little monkey, you are into everything and I mean everything. You can now reach the door handles, which is not good, and can now open the under stairs cupboard and get everything out. The other day you went into the downstairs toilet as I was dishing up dinner and emptied the nappies out of the packet, pulled the toilet roll and walked along with it making a trail… You are so different to your big sister, but I wouldn’t change you for the world.

Shoes, your love of shoes. You want to wear shoes all the time and most of the time not yours. You are always sneaking my shoes or Alice’s shoes out of the cupboard and walking around in them.


Every time you do something new and I tell my mum, her answer is always the same ‘You did that as a child’. You are a mini me more than I will ever know and I adore it. I do often see myself in you and knowing what I was like as a child, I think the monkey stage might be here to stay….!!!

The love for your big sister continues and as your speech gets better, so does how you and Alice play together. Alice loves that you can answer her now. You are definitely the leader and you don’t let Alice boss you around. It’s more like the other way around, I think you will be the bossy one. You adore each other and I can see you are going to be the best of friends. A sister is a best friend for life and that is what I wish for my girls.

We have started to go to Toddler Sense, and you loved it from day one. The freedom to play on the bouncy castle and down the slide. I did wonder if you would sit still for the group time part, but you did and really enjoyed it except for the pom pom’s, you were not a fan.


You are a little dare devil, another sign you are like me, you have no fear and you will try everything. You are often the leader, with your big sister following behind you.

Food, you love your food, but on your terms. You are going through a really frustrating stage where you won’t eat what we are eating and mummy is finding it tough. But, I have a plan…so watch out!

There is an affectionate side to you as well, you do love a cuddle. They are not as frequent as your sister, but when they come, you give the best big cuddles.

You are growing up in front of my eyes and I am soaking up every bit of you. You are my last baby and I wish I could keep you little forever…but just like your sister you are going to grow up quickly and I know that it won’t be long before it’s you that I will be worrying about sending to school.

Where is that magic fairy dust when you need it to sprinkle over you and slow down time…




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  1. 25/04/2016 / 07:54

    Oh lovely update. I understand the wishing you could keep them a baby forever. I have the same feeling with my youngest!

  2. 25/04/2016 / 07:54

    whoops I meant to say #marvmondays

  3. 25/04/2016 / 09:06

    What a lovely post – she sounds like a little character and so fun to be around. I love how it sounds like your girls have so much love too xx #marvmondays

  4. Dean of Little Steps
    25/04/2016 / 09:13

    She’s so adorable! My daughter loves shoes too 🙂 I wonder if it’s really a girly thing? Though I know of a little boy who loves shoes too. x

    • 25/04/2016 / 21:56

      Thank you. Holly will wear any shoe, she not worried if they are her’s or not!! x

  5. 25/04/2016 / 09:22

    What a little cutie she is and coming along so well. I think speech goes in fits and starts, lots of words, then a time to process them all, then another surge of words come out. #MarvMondays

  6. 25/04/2016 / 09:32

    Little B is 18 months old this week and I can’t believe it – I wish time would slow down too! #marvmondays

  7. Lovely post, my little man turned 20 month a few days ago too ( he was born 19 August 2014) he too loves shoes! I feel the same as you do that it feels like he is still a baby but he is almost two, it has flown over yet feels like he has always been here. xx

  8. 25/04/2016 / 19:04

    Ahh little cutie! My boys were exactly the same around that age, though E seems to be a little bit smaller, she’s definitely no less switched on!

  9. 25/04/2016 / 20:24

    They do grow so fast. Seems like just yesterday I was giving birth to them and now I have a 6,5, and 4 year old. I also have a soon to be 16 year old stepson that I have raised since he was 8. You’re girls are beautiful and I love your little ones obsession with shoes. Let’s hope for your sake she grows out of it before teenage years 😉 I am visiting from the Facebook BloggerUKClub.

  10. 25/04/2016 / 20:52

    I love how you can see your child self in Holly and that she is your little mini me! It is amazing that her speech is coming on, keep up the good work Holly!

  11. 25/04/2016 / 22:20

    Awww how cute is she, they tell me time flies by one minute you’re carry the next you’re holding and before you know it they are answering back lol

  12. Ellen
    25/04/2016 / 22:29

    I hope Aidan and Finn have the same relationship when Finn is Holly’s age. So far Aidan has no time for his little brother what so ever haha x

  13. 25/04/2016 / 23:23

    Ahhh she is so cute!!!!!! My little one has just turned two. It’s so interesting reading about younger children now and seeing how much they change. By the time she’s two you’ll understand her so much more, it’s crazy how much they don’t stop talking when they’re two haha. They find their voice and love asking questions. xx

  14. 26/04/2016 / 01:03

    How lovely. I really relate to your blog because your girls are so similar in age to mine. Lia will be 2 next month. Eek!

  15. 26/04/2016 / 09:24

    Time always flies, doesn’t it? And I like how you say how Holly is so different from her sister – My lot could be described the same way.

  16. 29/04/2016 / 22:39

    Such a lovely update! She sounds like a real sweetie 🙂 Its both amazing and scary how quickly they grow up. I think we all have those moments where we wish we could hit the pause button and just slow things down a little. Enjoy the toddler days as much as you can, they really are the best :-). Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays. Emily

  17. 02/05/2016 / 21:08

    Such a lovely post and great for me to read about what’s coming as our daughter is now 16 months! Taylor’s exactly the same with toilet roll and shoes – anything but toys really! x #MarvMondays