Holly at nineteen Months

Holly at nineteen Months

I can’t believe another month as flown by and you are now nineteen months.

I have simply loved this last month with you, your character is shining through and I can’t get enough of you.

You are a happy smiley little girl and I know I have probably said it before but you are so laid back and easy going, you are a joy to be around.

You’ve had your first haircut and yes, it may only have been a little trim, but it felt such a big thing for me. You really are growing up right in front of my eyes.

You are becoming a little dancer, and every time you hear music you start to do a little twirl and a jig. It is the cutest to watch.

Holly 19 mths2

We have had a few sunny days and have been able to venture out to the park and you amaze me at what you are able to do on your own. Plus, you are my little dare devil and just want to try everything, including the zip wire…you are your mummy’s daughter.

Holly 19 mths1

You continue to love your books and every day we spend time reading with you sat on my lap, but now you also like to have a go yourself.

You are strong minded and you know what you want in life, this is starting to show through in your choices over what you will and won’t play with, the food you want to eat and even what coat you will wear.

I can’t get enough of the cuddles and kisses that you so freely give out to the people you love. I adore it.

holly and alice


I am so proud of you and your sister, the bond that you have, the bond that is growing every day. You are really starting to get each other and are already the best of friends. You want to join in with everything she is doing and you are copying her all the time. Luckily at the moment, Alice thinks its cute…lets hope that continues.

You are my bundle of joy and I will always be thankful that you are my daughter, the final piece in our family jigsaw.

Holly 19 mths


Cuddle Fairy


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  1. 23/03/2016 / 07:18

    Aw she’s a cutie! They really come into their own after 18months don’t they? My son is 21mo and has just a personality now. #BloggerClubUk

    • 23/03/2016 / 20:35

      Thank you. It’s a fab age, she is a funny little character x

  2. Dean of Little Steps
    23/03/2016 / 09:41

    So adorable. I bet you kept a lock of her hair. I did 🙂 They grow up so fast, don’t they? It’s lovely that you’re documenting each milestone on your blog 🙂 x

    • 23/03/2016 / 20:35

      Yes, I kept a lock of hair 🙂 She really is growing up too fast x

  3. What a lovely post, she is adorable! My son turned 19 months four days ago, I still think of him as my baby though. Such a lovely age, although Holly sounds much more laid back then my little man as he is very whingey and likes to destroy everything in site – he has broke two stair gates in a month xx

  4. 23/03/2016 / 23:05

    She is beautiful and a testament to your parenting you have done a great job. She is growing up so fast x

  5. 23/03/2016 / 23:55

    Awww what a lovely post. She’s a cutie. Wow first haircut. That’s a big step. How lovely is it that she gives out cuddles and kisses to those she loves. Wish my eldest would give me more lol x

  6. 24/03/2016 / 20:39

    Oh what a cutie! My eldest is 19 – years old! Cherish every moment, it goes by so quickly. Gorgeous photos. Kaz x

  7. 24/03/2016 / 22:04

    aww, what lovely words and it’s such a great age isn’t it, their understanding really kicks in.

  8. 26/03/2016 / 21:25

    I really wish my daughter thought all the copying her younger sister did was cute. It sounds like they are enjoying a lovely bond together