Hire Me…

Did You Know You Could Hire Me?

I started writing Dear Bear and Beany over three years ago, when I was on maternity leave and I had just made the decision not to return to work. It was a way for me to still feel like I was doing I love and something for me. When I look back at that time now, I had no idea what a big part blogging was going to be in our life. I now work full time on my blog, as well as other projects too.

I have worked in communications for over fifteen years, working for some of the largest corporate companies in the UK. I’ve always had a creative side and a love for writing and when I made the big decision to do this full time and make it my business, it felt like the right decision and time for us. With both my girls now at school full time, I have the time I need to focus on what I love.


I’m available to hire!

I’m able to write on a regular basis for other brands and publications, whether online or in print. Or I can produce a one off piece of work, whatever you require I can work to meet them. I often get commissioned for regular writing work, especially under the niches of parenting and travel.

Whatever your brief is, I will work with you to agree your desired outcome and you can leave me to deliver it for you.


If you would like to work with bloggers, but need someone to manage the relationship for you, then I’m able to provide this support. As a blogger myself, I know the best way to make a campaign work for you, to get the best return on your investment. I know how to select the best bloggers and what to look for.

I am experienced in social media management and if you’re looking for support in managing your social media channels, we can discuss your requirements and how I can support you.

My main passion is writing, but I’ve also fallen in love with photography and over the last couple of years I have really pushed myself to learn and try new ways to take photos. When I look back at the photos I took when I first started my blog, to now, I’m really proud of how far my photography has come and I continue to learn and push myself to be more creative.

Here are a couple of my favourite photos from brands that I’ve worked with.

Tesco Uniform Campaign

Boots Mini Club

I can also do product photos, to show your products off in the best possible way. Here are a few examples.

You can check out my photography page to see many more examples of my work.

I am available for writing commissions, consultancy work, blogger outreach and public speaking engagements as well. If you would like to contact me to discuss hiring me, please drop me an email at [email protected]