Cousins, Nature Walks and Family Time… Happy Days #1

Cousins, Nature Walks and Family Time… Happy Days #1

I am so pleased to have found this lovely Linky by ‘What Katy Said’ and ‘Quite Frankly She Said’ called Happy Days.

Here is what Katy and Sian say about it…

The idea of this linky is to inspire others to make the best out of every day, to see the happy in the little things. As no matter what, there is always something good in every single day- we just need to take the time to see it.

I think its great to remember the happy moments, as I know that I am not very good at this, I tend to focus on the moments that didn’t go very well. So, I will be taking part in this every week, to make me appreciate and remember the happy moments.

After writing yesterday’s post about a lonely world, it feels good to be writing about the happy times that we did have this week. Let’s focus on the happy times!

This week has felt long, why does a four day week, feel longer than a five day week?

Here we go, lets talk happy moments…

bullet heartSeeing my niece and sister in law, due to various sickness bugs we haven’t seen them for what seems likes forever. A lovely trip to the cafe and then to the park, was perfect. Seeing the three girls all together playing and laughing really is the best!

bullet heartAlice had her sponsored nature walk at preschool and I forgot she needed a nature themed fancy dress outfit. I hurriedly put together a bunny outfit, with rabbit ears and drawing whiskers and a nose on her with my black eye liner. I finished it off with a tutu, I mean surely that is secretly what all bunnies want to wear? Anyway Alice loved it and that makes me happy. I joined the school on the walk and it was so lovely to see how excited they were to collect, stones, leaves, twigs and flowers. It really is the simple things that make children happy

bullet heartTaking the girls to the pet shop and seeing how happy they were to see the animals, don’t you just love free children entertainment!

bullet heartHolly has become very dependent on me, which isn’t surprising seeing as we have spent every day together for the last nineteen months.  Andy’s mum has been itching to have Holly to look after and so, we decided that it would be lovely for Holly to spend some time with grandma. She has been going for the last couple of Wednesday’s and for the first this week, she didn’t cry when I left her. This makes me happy, because even though I know she was happy the minute I left, its never easy to walk away from your crying daughter.

bullet heartAndy being off work on yesterday, was lovely and we got to have a lovely family day out, just the four of us. I love these days, it makes me remember that through all the tough parts of being a mummy to two, it really is worth it.

Wow, it felt good to think about the happy moments of our week…I will be back next week!


What Katy Said


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  1. 26/03/2016 / 08:03

    This is a great link up isn’t it? My girls love the pet shop, at our old house we had a big one that was a 10 minute walk away and I was always taking them for something to do! I saw Alice’s bunny outfit and I thought it was fabulous! The best dressed bunny I’ve ever seen I think.

    • 27/03/2016 / 22:26

      Yes, I love it! Ha Ha thank you, luckily she loved it too! x

  2. 26/03/2016 / 21:57

    So many lovely things to make for a really happy week. I hope you have a lovely Easter x

  3. 27/03/2016 / 06:42

    I’m really loving the happy days linky too! It is great to get a bit of happy out of the week! It’s great you got to meet up with your sister inlaw, and family time towards the end of the week. I’ll look forward to reading next weeks x

  4. 01/04/2016 / 20:38

    Ahh I am so glad you have found our linky and decided to join in! You’ve had some lovely moments, the pet shop trip is such a good idea! x

  5. 01/04/2016 / 20:59

    Aww I am so glad you found us, I will look forward to hearing about all of your happy moments each week. I used to love going to the pet shop as a child, they don’t have one in our town and I’ve actually only just realised now that I have read this! Have a good week! Thank you for joining in #HappyDaysLinky x

    • 02/04/2016 / 08:25

      Thank you. You can’t beat the pet shop, free child entertainment 🙂 x