Trip to Bath, Playdates and Dinner Out…Happy Days #34

Trip to Bath, Playdates and Dinner Out…Happy Days #34

Is it just me, but the weeks are flying by at the moment. It has been a brilliant week for us and I have lots of happy things to share!

Let’s talk happy moments…

Number One

Last Saturday was Bonfire night and we went over to my parents house for our traditional firework get together. It was lovely having everyone together and Holly stole the show. She absolutely loved them and kept saying ‘again, again!’.

Number Two

It was our wedding anniversary on Sunday and Andy had planned a trip away to Bath for us. We went to the Bath Spa and it was lovely to have a couple of hours to just relax and chat. We had lunch there and then went shopping, before heading to our hotel. We had the most gorgeous suite and it took me back to when we were there six years ago,

Number Three

In case you missed it, we are moving house soon and on Monday we got to take the girls along to show them inside. Until now they had only seen outside, but it was now safe for them to see inside. Holly doesn’t really understand when we tell her this is where we are going to be living. But, Alice was really excited and loved her new bedroom and that she will be able to walk to school.

Number Four

Holly and I had a lovely playdate with our friend and her little girl. There was a time when we used to have all four of our girls playing together, well Holly was tiny back then but we still had our hands full to entertain four children. Then it was three children and now with Alice at school, we just have two. It’s not as crazy now and we actually get to drink a hot drink and have a chat.

Number Five

On Thursday night I went out for dinner with some friends. We have been meaning to do it for ages and it finally happened. It was lovely to see them and have a chat. The time just flew by, as always.

This weekend is fairly quiet for us, Alice has her swimming lesson and Andy and I are going out for dinner with our friends. Then Sunday we are hoping to go for a nice walk, if the weather is kind to us. Have a lovely weekend.


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  1. 12/11/2016 / 10:18

    I agree the weeks are flying by. I’m over half way through my maternity leave and keep reminding myself to slow down and enjoy the moment. I love the idea of this linky and taking a moment each week to remember the best bits. #happydsyslinky

  2. 12/11/2016 / 15:00

    Oh I’m glad you had a fab time in Bath, such a lovely place. It must be great being able to walk to school, I’m really looking forward to that.

  3. 13/11/2016 / 05:08

    Sounds like a great week. How lovely to have a trip to Bath. I haven’t been for years, but remember loving it there as a child. x

  4. 13/11/2016 / 15:49

    What a fab week – fireweeks, a date night and friends??? This sounds like heaven. Hope the move goes ok! It’s all the packing that’s a pain xx #happydays x

  5. 13/11/2016 / 20:11

    What a packed and fabulous week. Congrats on your anniversary and the new house. Good idea to take the family for a pre-visit, I bet you can’t wait to be in. #HappyDays

  6. Alana - Burnished Chaos
    14/11/2016 / 19:31

    What a great week, sounds like you had a fantastic anniversary x

  7. 16/11/2016 / 23:57

    Eeek, agreed that the weeks are flying by. Good news on the house buying, i may have missed that. How exciting! #Happydayslinky

  8. 18/11/2016 / 20:36

    The weeks really are going too fast for my liking! Lovely that you got to go out to dinner with friends, so important to have me time. Thank you so much for joining in #HappyDaysLinky x