Half Term – An Up and Down Week…The Ordinary Moments

Half Term – An Up and Down Week…The Ordinary Moments

It’s been a really strange week for me. The couple of weeks leading up to half term I was really looking forward to having Alice home for a week. A chance for us to spend some time together as we’ve really missed her. And don’t get me wrong we have had the best week and I have loved having her home. But it hasn’t been all smiles!

As school came to an end Alice was really tired and the break came at just the right time. I decided to have a fairly low key half term with not lots of big days out and making sure Alice had time to relax and go to bed on time.


The week started of well with a trip to one of our favourite places to do some pumpkin picking and the girls had a great time. We spent time with my parents with a walk in the woods and hot chocolate and cake in the cafe.

Alice was sleeping twelve hours every night and yet she still woke up tired. I’m really surprised how much school has tired her out and I just haven’t been able to over come her tiredness. I am not too sure what else I could do?

We got to Friday and it had been a lovely week so far, the girls had been so good and loved being with each other. Then Friday arrived and I am not too sure what happened to Alice but tiredness and emotions clashed and she was hard work all day. It was a day where I question all my parenting skills and ask where it all went wrong, what could I have done better. I collapsed on the sofa at the end of day after tucking her up in bed and Andy had to give me a talking to.

Because parenting is hard work, every day has it challenges and some days are just harder than others. I know that really, but when you are in those moments its tough. I found myself wishing it was next week and she would be back at school, but then instantly regretting thinking that because I have loved having her home with me. But I guess it was just a natural thought in the heat of the moment.


She woke up today back to my little Alice that we know and love. She went off to the cinema with my sister in law and niece and came back excited about the movie. We spent an afternoon at home and then we went to the park and out to dinner. It was really lovely normal family time and we tucked them up in bed later than normal in a hope that we beat the clocks going back and they sleep to a normal time. (Like that is going to happen!)

We have two more days until Alice goes back to school and Andy is home for them too. I am hoping that we can end the half term on a high and with a less tired and emotional Alice!


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  1. 30/10/2016 / 07:49

    Oh I hope you had a good day yesterday. Ava gets so tired, despite the 12 hours at night she might get. I guess there is so much going on for them, they are always on catch up. xx

  2. 30/10/2016 / 08:19

    12 hours, wow mine never sleep that long, especially my eldest he just doesnt seem to need it – i do though! Sometimes i think chilled out holidays and weekends are worth their weight in gold, time to relax and enjoy each others company without big expensive days out and too much stimulation, back to basics is great.

  3. 30/10/2016 / 08:59

    Luca is in a constant state of tired grumpiness since starting school. It’s so tough and I totally understand the questioning your parenting abilities. I feel like all my hard work in those first four years was a bit pointless at the moment as he’s practically feral. I think it happens to the best of us. Hope the end of your half term is wonderful and you end on a high x

  4. Kimberley | Ohjustmylittleblog
    30/10/2016 / 18:02

    I’m glad you managed to have some lovely half term days despite a tired little girl. I’m a reception teacher and I’d say my mood is also pretty up and down due to exhaustion during the holidays! x

  5. 30/10/2016 / 19:28

    Oh Laura this is exactly how I have felt this half term too. One day Megs slept til 9 and was still whining all day…its a big adjustment thats for sure. Sounds like a good week though and I am glad it finished on a high x #ordinarymoments

  6. Oh this sounds so familiar too – not so much this half term, but this time last year. I think it’s a combination of tiredness (which I don’t think a week will ever be enough for them to catch up on) and getting their heads around the concept of term time – to them it must feel like they’ve just got school sussed out and suddenly they’re not going and they have to remember how to be a full time part of the family again. I hope you had a lovely last few days – and it’s not long til Christmas now!

  7. 31/10/2016 / 00:09

    Oh bless kids get so tired and worn out and it does affect how they behave in terms of emotion. Hope things improve asap.

  8. 02/11/2016 / 14:56

    Sounds pretty similar to our half term, we had some lovely times but some days the kids behaviour was just awful! x

  9. 03/11/2016 / 18:05

    We’re in exactly the same place Laura. Libby is just exhausted and still not herself after her illness at half term. I can only hope that as they get more used to being at school the tiredness subsides. They’re so little to be in school all day. Libby is a bit of a stroppy madam at the moment and she’s not much fun to be around.

  10. 05/11/2016 / 18:49

    Some days I just wonder where my children have gone and who these little monsters are who have replaced them!x