Growing Up…The Ordinary Moments

Growing Up…The Ordinary Moments

I can’t believe that next month my baby will be two and half years old, she will be closer to three, than two and that seems crazy. She always seems so much younger than Alice was at this age and that is mainly down to her personality. Alice is quite a sensible little girl, she never wanted to run too far from my side and always kept me in sight. Whereas Holly is the opposite, she will just run and not look back. She just trusts that you will be behind.

You can often hear Holly being referred to as ‘a little monkey’ in our house, because she is one. She gets into everything and does the most craziest of things. The other day Andy found her in the toilet with her nappy off and about to put it down the toilet. I mean who does that….Holly does!

But she is also the most cutest little girl you can meet, she has these sparkly eyes and a winning smile. She melts my heart in seconds and I quickly forgive her. I also find it hard to be cross because to be honest she is a little mini me. I was a bit of a pickle pants when I was little and it seems it’s payback time.

She is also the most content little girl, she is always so happy and her tantrums are few and far between. But when they happen watch out, she is a determined little girl.

Holly has always been great at playing on her own, she loves nothing more than playing with her toys. Something she asks to do a lot. She is on the whole a chilled out little girl and I have to remind myself to sometimes get on the floor and play with her. It’s so tempting to get on with the household jobs, whilst she is happily playing. I guess its about getting the balance right, as those jobs don’t get done on their own!

I also hoped in the back of my mind that the craziness was an age thing and that she would slowly grow out of it. Yes, she will always be my funny little girl with a sense of humour, that she who she is and we love it. But the naughty crazy side, is what I was hoping would go over time.

This week there were glimpses of this happening. When Alice was a toddler I used to take her to the coffee shop and she would have a glass of milk and a cake. In fact when I was pregnant with Holly, it became a regular Friday morning treat. I think I may have been addicted to victoria sponge, when I was pregnant. Alice would sit so well, I never hesitated in taking her.

Holly on the other hand, wouldn’t really want to sit. She would want to wander around the coffee shop and would get bored before I’d even had a sip of drink. So I haven’t really made a big effort to do this when I’ve been out with Holly.

But last week I came back from the school run with Holly and walked in to workman in our house (Andy was home!). It was a bit chaotic and the thought of trying to entertain Holly in the house before our ballet class was not that appealing. So we headed to our local supermarket and brought a few bits. Inside they have a Costa Coffee and we still had time before the class, so I thought what is the worst that can happen.

Holly choose an Innocent Smoothie and a biscuit, whilst I had a coffee. She was so excited and sat down the whole time. Drank her drink, ate her biscuit and was a delight. So much in fact, that we did it again this week. Her ballet class was cancelled last minute this week, so we went to the shops and I thought lets do it again. So, we did and again she was an angel.

I sat there looking at her, with her pigtails that are getting longer and thought my baby girl is growing up. The craziness of running around is starting to go. It’s one of those bitter sweet moments, I desperately want time to slow down. Yet I really enjoyed this time with my little girl, to sit and chat. Something which we don’t get much time to do.

And then today I took her to the cinema for the first time, with Alice and my mum. We watched the Trolls and she loved it. She sat the whole way through, mesmerised by it and having a little jig in her seat when they were dancing. I always remembering thinking I can’t wait for the day, when I take both my girls to the cinema for a treat. And here it is.

I think a trip to the weekend mini club might become our new favourite thing to do.

Every birthday I reach with Holly I find myself saying, she is going to grow up so much this year. But lately we’ve been ticking off the milestones so quickly.

I’ve got eighteen months until she starts school and I know this will whizz by, because life just seems to when you have children. And this week I got a little glimpse of the little girl she is becoming and I just know we are going to have so much fun.

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  1. Oh how sweet – she looks like she’s having the most fun ever, and how lovely to be able to take them both to the cinema. You get all the traditional milestones but then there should be some sibling milestones too – the first time they’re both old enough that the age gap closes down and they can do something together 🙂

  2. 29/01/2017 / 09:33

    That’s a lovely few milestones – I remember desperately wanting my girl to sit still for long enough for me to have a coffee in peace and now i can’t help but wonder why I wished the time away, it’s so bittersweet isn’t it? #TheOrdinaryMoments

  3. 29/01/2017 / 11:30

    Aww my little boy was 2 yesterday and the sitting quietly seems a long way off. It seems maybe it isn’t after all. They grow up in a blink of the eye before you even realise it. She is such a cutie xx

  4. 29/01/2017 / 12:21

    She is lovely. It was like you were describing my girls. Meme is the sensible one whilst harri is the slightly crazy one who has me up the wall!! She too has the most sparkly eyes just like Holly! Gorgeous post they are growing up so fast! #ordinarymoments

  5. 29/01/2017 / 13:07

    I love her cheekiness, it’s perfect! That’s lovely that you feel you can ‘do coffee’ again though – I definitely went through a stage with Max where I avoided it, but he’s a lovely cafe companion these days (although he does tend to down his drink pretty quickly leaving me to hurry up with mine!) Very impressed she was able to manage the cinema as well – we’re not quite there yet I don’t think!

  6. 29/01/2017 / 13:29

    This is such a lovely post Laura, these moments really stand out don’t they and are such a mixture of emotions, being able to enjoy things together that come with them growing up is so lovely but equally give you a lump in your throat. She sounds and looks like an absolute sweetie x #theordinarymoments

  7. 29/01/2017 / 14:39

    She is so adorable. It really does go by so fast. I swear I feel like my youngest is still a baby and yet she starts school this September and I am blown away how fast it went. What a special age. Popping over #ordinarymoments

  8. 29/01/2017 / 19:16

    I often feel that my little girl is younger than her siblings were at the same age – I think in part because I just want her to be but also because of the way the school year falls they were in school nursery at her age whereas she’s at home till September.

  9. 29/01/2017 / 20:20

    It’s so bittersweet isn’t it? We are 6 months behind but I feel this way about Roma too. As you have said before our two seem so very similar and I have the same cafe thing I don’t do with Roma as she just never sits still whereas Eva would do for hours. Although she did sit through the whole of Trolls so I need to give her some credit!

  10. 29/01/2017 / 23:11

    Oh bless the first cinema visit is always an exciting experience for all involved. Your children sound perfect x

  11. 31/01/2017 / 18:01

    How sweet Laura, she sounds like a gorgeous and lovely little girl. She sounds really similar to my LL, I still see her very much as my baby and in fact she really is quite young for her age. She will be four next week and you wouldn’t think it, she is quite ‘behind’ in her speech I think and she is so quiet, I do tend to baby her a little bit. But she definitely has a cheeky side too. That first cinema visit is always so much fun. x

  12. 31/01/2017 / 19:28

    I can’t believe she’s only two and a half – she seems so grown up! Those 18 months are going to whizz by BUT I know you are going to really make the most of them. Our weekend cinema trips are something I really love – and so do the kids x

  13. 02/02/2017 / 21:32

    Look at her face watching the big screen, she is so lovely. Innocence of our kids that let us see the world with new eyes. so cutie!