Going Crazy For Dreamstar Bush Babies…

Going Crazy For Dreamstar Bush Babies…

One of my own childhood memories is collectibles. There was nothing better than a new range of toy that you had to collect. Saving up my pocket money to buy another one in the range was a highlight of my weekends.

Alice is now starting to come home from school talking about all these different toys that you can collect and whilst my bank balance is crying, I can’t help but remember the joy it brought me as a child.

Bush Baby World is the latest collective toy range to hit the market and I think it’s going to be a big hit!

I really love the concept of it….

Bush Babies live in Bush Baby World and are the guardians of dreams. Nestled in a magical world, they protect the Dream Tree and ensure that it casts out it’s sparkly dust. The sparkly dust ensures our dreams are filled with wonder.

Bush Baby World contains six regions (Snowflake Ridge, Shimmer Mountain, Blossom Meadow, Flutter Forest, Crystal Caves and The Dream Tree). Each region is home to a group of Bush Babies who, as a community, ensure that the Dream Tree is cared for and every night open its Flower Crown to send out magical Dream Dust into the night sky.

How cute does this sound. There is also an exciting new animated series where the bush babies are brought to life and it is full of adventures for little ones to watch.

I put this video on to show Holly and she was completely mesmerised by it, we ended up watching the next episode as well as she wanted to see the princess!

I can see Bush Babies are going to be a big hit in our house and I’m just pleased the girls birthdays are coming up for them to add it to the never ending list of presents they would like.

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