How To Give Your Home A More Modern Look…

How To Give Your Home A More Modern Look…

Having a small home doesn’t mean you have to make it look small. It just means that you have to look at being more creative when it comes to your interiors. Working with a smaller space also doesn’t mean you have to lack style or class with your interior choices. Your limited floor space never has to be a factor in the decisions that you make for a more modern house.

Interior designers will always be able to help you turn your small space into a modern, stylish home with a chic look and an amazing use of the space available. If you’re planning a modern overhaul, then check out the tips that I’ve put together for you below. You needn’t worry about your home being less than beautiful, so let’s see how it’s done.

Scale Plan – Before you get started, you need to draw up a scale plan. You need to think about where you want to put everything and where you want your fixtures and fittings to go, including the modern gas fires from Illusion Fires. You have to measure up and know exactly what you are working with so that you can plan accordingly and budget what you want to spend on flooring and wallpaper.

Earth Tones –Thinking of the fact you have a small space, you need to think about the colours you want to use. Neutral, earthy tones have a habit of making small rooms look much bigger than they actually are. You are also going to keep your home looking beautifully contemporary.

Mirrors – One of the best ways to add a little modernity to a small home is to add mirrors everywhere. Mirrors make a room brighter and they have clean lines, which is what a modern house needs. Large mirrors add to the perceived size of a room, and when you pair it with a piece of modern art, you get an amazing look.

Punchy Colours – If you go to any modern gallery or museum, you will see lots of white, cream and grey neutral tones, and punches of bright and bold colours. Yellows, pinks and bold blues are fantastic pairings that you can make when you are trying to make a home look more modern. These draw the eyes and distract from the fact that the room is small.

Nature – You may not need an indoor garden, but the odd plant here and there will give your home a more modern angle. You only need a little bit of space for a lot of greenery and you will show off an impression of beauty and grace.

Chrome – Chrome is very in right now, especially for kitchens and bathroom fixtures. Maximise the use of chrome on your appliances and light fittings, and you could have a more modern look without trying.

A modern home is all the rage, and when you want to maximise space and light, modern fittings are exactly what you need. Be bold in your modern endeavours!

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