My Girls…November 2017

My Girls…November 2017

At the moment I feel like both my girls are growing up faster than normal, like someone has pressed a fast forward button. Holly is just coming on in leaps and bounds. For a long time I worried that she wouldn’t be ready for school next September, that she still seemed really little. Which of course she is, but I forgot how much they really do grow up between age 3 and 4 years old.

It’s made me realise that soon we won’t have a really little one in the family and that bundle of cuteness that comes with it. For the first time I can see why people keep on having more babies, as I know I’m going to miss have a little one full of innocence in the house. Just to add there won’t be any surprise announcements coming!

And with Alice now in year one at school her learning is just incredible, she amazes me everyday with what she comes out with. She has a real desire to learn, she is never without either a book or a pen in her hand. She loves to write, I wonder where she gets that from.

Together of course they continue to be the best of friends. What I’ve really noticed over the last couple of weeks is how much Alice needs Holly emotionally. Holly is the strong one and Alice is the one that gets upset easily, is a bit scared of things and it is Holly that she turns to for that support.

You will quite often hear Alice say ‘I need Holly’ or Holly saying ‘Alice needs me’. I will enter a room to see Holly with her arm around Alice telling her its all ok. It’s really quite sweet to see a little 3 year old being the grown up.

But when I think about their personalities it doesn’t surprise me and I know that this is how it will be their whole life.

My photos this month were taken last weekend. Andy headed off to the rugby for the day and it was just us girls. It’s not often its just the 3 of us at a weekend and we had all these plans. But it then rained and we had to come up with plan B. Before the rain arrived we managed a walk in the woods, one of our favourite things to do.

The girls were in a real playful mood, well Holly was and she brings the fun out in Alice. I adore these photos. Alice couldn’t hug her sister anymore, Holly has her cuteness in bucketfuls and a bonus photo of the three of us girls together. Where you can really see the different personalities of my girls.

Joining Lucy from Dear Beautiful for The Siblings Project 


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  1. Love the photo of you with the girls and the love that they clearly have for each other shines out in all of the photos. How sweet that Holly can sometimes be like the big sister with Alice, looking out for her and sharing her strength. Sophie sometimes does that with Jessica – it’s funny how those roles can be reversed at times. I know what you mean about them growing up so quickly and missing the innocence of those baby days. We’re in the same boat with Sophie due to start school next year x #siblingsproject

  2. Oh I know what you mean about feeling like you’re going out of the baby stages – I’m well out of it now with my three running from 3 to 7 and yet in my head they’re still teeny tiny!

  3. 16/11/2017 / 09:29

    I totally feel the same about my 2 growing up so much at at the moment! I keep just thinking I need another baby as my baby is not so little!! And already my 4 year old has changed so much with school. Onwards and upwards though and looking forward to exciting times ahead with them! xx

  4. 26/11/2017 / 19:19

    Ah these are such lovely photos and I totally agree I just cannot fathom how fast it is going and I am trying to keep that innocence too, I want a permanent baby – toddler!

  5. 13/12/2017 / 20:46

    They sound similar to my two in that Evie is really quite dependant on Max. He was off school yesterday and she was absolutely heartbroken that she had to go to school without him. Even though they don’t actually see that much of each other, she likes just knowing that he is close by x