My Girls…December 2017

My Girls…December 2017

I know I say this a lot in these posts, but I can’t actually believe that I’m writing December’s post. This year has flown by and this time last year we had only just moved house and life was very hectic and busy.

Fast forward to this year and what a difference. Well when you look at the photos from last December and these ones, you will see there is no difference in the tree, the sofa or the cushions. But there is a big difference in my girls, especially Holly.

It’s writing these posts and looking back at them over the year that I really see the differences. I definitely feel like I now have two little girls, no toddlers in sight and whilst that pulls on my heart strings, I’m also very happy with the place we are right now.

I adore the age Holly is and if I could pause time at any point, I think it would be right now. She is a lot of fun to be around, she is my little buddy and I genuinely enjoy her company. She is really easy to have at home, she loves to play with her toys and can entertain herself.

And Alice my little year one school girl, who makes me proud every single day. She bounces into school and has lots of lovely little friends. I love it when I get a chance to see her playing with her friends in the playground, spying on her when she can’t see me.

My girls together have got to a really great stage of playing together, like really playing together if you know what I mean. They make up games, do role play, make dens and have a lot of fun together Yes, they argue too, just like siblings do. But they fiercely love each other and it all comes from a good place.

I can’t wait to spend Christmas all together this year. We’re hosting both sets of parents for the first time and I know the girls are going to love having them both here, being the centre of their attention.

It’s going to be a different Christmas for us this year and for only the second in my life I won’t be spending it with my brother. His family are going to Edinburgh this year for Christmas to spend it with my sister in laws family and I know they will have a wonderful time. We have a festive day of ice skating planned for when they get back and the girls can’t wait.

My photos this year are taken in the same place as last December, by the Christmas tree. Putting the tree up is one of my favourite things to do each year. Making the house all festive, seeing the excitement from the girls and getting in the mood for Christmas.

Another big difference to these photos compared to last year, is trying to get Holly to stay still was not easy. She just wants to bounce around all the time. Hopefully by the time next year comes around she will take to a chocolate bribe 🙂

Finally as it’s the end of year, a round up of my girls in 2017. What a difference a year makes…

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December 2017

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  1. 15/12/2017 / 20:21

    Isn’t it great looking back over a year of them growing up and changing together? It’s one of my fave months of this project and seeing everyone kiddos in a year together. Your girls really look like two peas in a pod. Happy Holidays. #siblingsproject

  2. Love looking back over a year of photos. You can really see the difference in Holly over the year. It’s so lovely when they’re at such a good age to play together. I love the ages that my girls are at now for the same reason. Hope you all have a lovely Christmas x #siblingsproject

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