My Girls…August 2017

My Girls…August 2017

August is birthday month for us and the month where I like to get some balloons and take some photos of my girls. Last year was the first time that I shared them on my blog and looking back at the girls last year and comparing them this year I see so many changes in them, but also a lot of similarities.

When I look at Holly this year, I see a little girl that will no longer wear the clothes that mummy would like her to wear. The outfit that would have matched Alice nicely, was not going to be worn today by my independent little girl.

Instead we have Holly styled by Holly, wearing this skirt and not the one with ducks on that mummy wanted. Her Peppa Pig t-shirt because she loves Peppa so much and mummy, well I’m not a fan of t-shirts like this, but who am I anyway!! The random purple sparkly hairband that she saw at the last minute and couldn’t possibly leave the house without it.

And then there is my Alice, a whole year older and whilst I can see how much she has grown in herself over the last year. She still looks every bit like my Alice. The photos are very similar to the ones I took of her last year, twirling around in her skirt and running as fast as she can with her balloon.

My girls, I adore them. They are at an age that I just want to press pause, they are just so lovely together. They play together, watch television together, colour together and above all they love each other. The summer holidays have given them each other all day every day and they have thrived on it.

Yes, there have been squabbles, but not many. I find that during the holidays we actually have less squabbles. They get the best of each other and reconnect with each other.

With Alice’s birthday last weekend and Holly’s birthday next week, it’s a pretty crazy month for us. But they love it and that is all that matters.

The photos of my girls this month make me smile, the cheekiness of Holly and the calmness of Alice. My girls together for their birthday month.

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  1. 15/08/2017 / 10:49

    Aww they are so cute. All three of mine are within a month of each other for their birthdays as well as Christmas. I hope the both have a great birthday and loved your photos xx

  2. 15/08/2017 / 10:49

    Aww they are so cute. All three of mine are within a month of each other for their birthdays as well as Christmas. I hope the both have a great birthday and loved your photos xx

  3. 15/08/2017 / 18:31

    Aww! They are adorable. Happy birthday to your girls. It looks like they had a fab time with the balloons.
    August is birthday month for us too. My fella’s tomorrow and my youngest girls at the end of the month. Then my teen’s 12 days after. lol x

  4. 15/08/2017 / 21:35

    Such lovely photos, I love the balloons! August is my birthday month too! 🙂 x

  5. Lovely photos of your girls and I love the way their different personalities really come across in the photos. There’s always so much love that shines out of them and they look like they have the most wonderful bond. I also find that the squabbling is less in the summer holidays – once they’ve adjusted to being together again, it is mostly lovely 🙂 #siblingsproject

  6. Rebecca Hollick
    15/08/2017 / 23:11

    lovely pics! love the siblings project!

  7. 16/08/2017 / 07:04

    We have close together birthdays too but ours are winter so I’m envious of your beautiful sunny photos.
    It’s lovely how well they get on. How lovely 🙂

  8. 16/08/2017 / 18:21

    Blimey it doesn’t seem a minute that you posted last years!! How quick has that year gone??? Gorgeous photos xx #Siblingsproject

  9. 23/08/2017 / 17:16

    Oh how sweet happy birthday to both of them. My two were due on the same day so I know about those close celebrations together. So lovely. #siblingsproject

  10. 30/08/2017 / 22:31

    They are so adorable! Big happy birthday to both of them too x #SiblingsProject