Gift Guide For Children 5 and Over …

Gift Guide For Children 5 and Over …

I’m in the middle of Christmas planning, with us hosting Christmas there is a lot to do. Presents still to be brought and then of course they all need wrapping up.

Earlier this week I shared with you Holly’s wish list for Christmas and now I’m going to share with Alice’s wish list. Which I hope might give you some ideas if you are looking for inspiration for a child in your life.

Alice’s Wish List…

VTech Kiddizoom Smart Watch 

When it was Alice’s birthday in August she had this one her list, along with the VTech Secret Diary and when I told her she could only have 1 for her birthday, she decided to have the VTech Secret Diary and put the Smart Watch on her list for Christmas. I love how sensible she is.

The VTech Kiddizoom Smart Watch is more than just a watch, you can take photos with it, play games and of course tell the time. I know Alice is going to be a very happy girl waking up to this on Christmas day. I can also recommend the Vtech Secret Diary too, Alice uses it all the time.

The Vtech Kiddizoom Smart Watch is available at Amazon, priced at £32.99. It also come in blue.

KidZania Annual Pass 

One of the best presents I think you can buy a child is an annual pass to a place that they will love to go over and over again. KidZania is definitely one of those places. I can’t explain to you how brilliant it is for children, it’s like their own little world and brilliantly done.

Children have the chance to become a firefighter, a pilot, a journalist, a hairdresser and so much more. There is something for everyone. Your session at KidZania lasts 4 hours and you can fit a lot in during that time. The children get to independently take on the challenges and the adults have to watch on.

KidZania is aimed at 4-14 year olds. For youngers siblings there is a early years area where they can be entertained. KidZania is at Westfields, Shepherds Bush.

A KidZania annual pass costs £129 and this gives you, unlimited entry, 5 free adult tickets, fast track entry into the city, discount on food and merchandise.

Magformers Build Up Set

I love educational toys that are fun and this is what you get with Magformers. The build up set comes with 50 pieces,including accessories, doors, windows and roof tiles.  The set comes with step by step instructions, but it’s also fun to let their imaginations do the work. The Magformers Build Up Set is currently £39.99 at Amazon.

Giggle Wiggle

I love a good board game and so does Alice. It’s something that we’ve always done with her and a lot of the time that we play them is when Holly is napping. As it’s a nice quiet activity and she has games that are a bit too difficult for Holly.

We also love games that they will  both love and I think that Giggle Wiggle will be a game the whole family will love. It’s aimed for age 4+ and is for 2-4 players. It’s a twisting game with a race to the top. Giggle Wiggle dances to the music.

Giggle Wiggle RRP is £24.99, Amazon currently have it on offer at time of publishing for £14.59.

Beauty and the Beast Chip Mug

Alice loves nothing more than a hot chocolate. Quite often we come home from school and curl up on the sofa for a hot chocolate and snack before she does her reading.

She also loves Beauty and the Beast and is going to love this Chip Mug. I have to say I do have a soft spot for chip and I may have to ‘borrow’ this mug for my coffee when she is at school.

You can find the Beauty and Beast Chip Mug at Find Me a Gift, RRP £12.99.

Lightseekers Tyrax

The Tyrax hero is a 7″ smart action figure. Your hero will respond to gameplay with lights, sounds, speech and vibrations. No console is required, the Fusion Core is sold separately.

Aimed at age 8+ and is available from Amazon priced at £24.

Little Live Pets – Talking Bird In A Cage

Turn the special key and whisper your secrets and dreams to your bird friend and they will keep them close in their heart until you unlock them. The bird house provides the perfect home for your bird and there is room to display 2 birds. This set includes 1 bird.

Little Live Pets – Talking Bird In A Cage is available from Amazon priced at £23.65

Rubbix Junior – Bunny Puzzle

A new fun challenge for the younger generation. Twist and turn the bunny to make a wacky mixed up character. Then keep twisting until you solve the puzzle and have it back in it’s original state.

There are lots of different animals to collect. The Rubbix Bunny Junior Puzzle is available at Amazon priced at £9.99.

Snazaroo Mini Face Paint Packs

I’m not the best at doing fab paint, but my girls love it. Snazaroo have launched a mini face pack range which come with 3 colours, sponge, brush and a 3 step how to guide. These are perfect for parties, Halloween and of course Christmas.

They come in a range of designs are priced at just £2.99.

My Little Pony Flip and Whirl Rainbow Dash

Alice loves My Little Pony and this is high on her list this year. Rainbow Dash is just as pretty as all the ponies, but she has a special trick she wants to show you. Sit her down, watch her flip and she lands on her feet. She comes with a hairbrush to keep her gorgeous rainbow hair tidy.

Rainbow Dash Flip and Whirl is available from Amazon priced at £24.98.

And that is everything on Alice’s wish list. Well I say everything, she keeps adding to it and it now also includes the new Judith Kerr book and Pinkie Pie teddy. I need to get her to write her letter to Father Christmas and be done with it.

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Disclosure: We were kindly sent some of the items included to feature in our gift guide and other gifts I’ve brought. They are all genuinely toys that Alice will love. All views, photos and opinions are my own. 



  1. 23/11/2017 / 20:25

    Some lovely ideas here for me to think about for my tribe, thankyou

  2. 23/11/2017 / 22:51

    Lovely ideas! I love the look of the kiddizoom watch, Eva has been desperate for one! We had some lightseekers last month and I couldn’t get over how amazing they are, technology really does blow my mind!

  3. 24/11/2017 / 07:48

    My daughter got the talking bird for her birthday and she loves it, she also has the little hatching chick too. I have that chip mug for my teen xx

  4. 24/11/2017 / 08:48

    The Kidzania annual pass sounds fantastic – I can’t wait until my daughter is old enough for KIdzania!

  5. 24/11/2017 / 20:26

    Rainbow dash is high on my daughter’s list too! Need to see the MLP movie sometime soon as well x

  6. 24/11/2017 / 22:40

    Kidzania looks amazing, my girls would love it there but it is too far away for us. The Rubiks cube looks like something my girls would like to find in their stockings.

  7. 24/11/2017 / 23:42

    What a lovely gift guide. Sometimes it is hard deciding what to buy for the little ones but you found some great gifts 🙂

  8. 27/11/2017 / 00:57

    Indeed such great ideas. My first pick would really be the Vtech smartwatch too. It’s quality is very good and trusted already for many years.

  9. 27/11/2017 / 11:18

    Having bloggers like you about is so handy for me at this time of year with more girls popping up in the family. I’m useless!!

  10. Sarah
    27/11/2017 / 14:58

    Some fab ideas here, I particularly love the My Little Pony Flip and Whirl Rainbow Dash, I might actually get that for my three year old as know she would love it!

  11. 27/11/2017 / 16:00

    I’m nearly 30 and I want Giggle Wiggle for myself!
    Every time the ad comes on TV I’m so tempted to buy it!

  12. 27/11/2017 / 17:15

    I love the idea of buying a kids pass as a gift. It’s something that’s going to give them lots of memories and won’t end up at the bottom of a toy box. KidZania sounds fantastic.

  13. 27/11/2017 / 19:22

    Oh my gosh.
    You’ve made me realise that I haven’t purchased Giggle Wiggle for my son.. you just know even with everything else hes getting.. he’ll realise its missing haha.

    We recently tried the mini snazaroo face paints & B is now obsessed with doing it himself……. over his ENTIRE body!

    Fab gift guide ♡

  14. Niki
    28/11/2017 / 21:02

    Oohhh some great gift ideas. I love the idea of a gift pass as it’s a gift to use all year round and lasts a lot longer then the one day.

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